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How One GI uses Definitive Healthcare to identify potential members

One GI is a management services organization that supports gastroenterologists and their patients. Dr. Michael Dragustky, chairman and founder, and Christa Newton, CEO, explain how their company leverages our healthcare commercial intelligence to find practices that could benefit the most from its services. The One GI leaders share their perspectives on the importance of data and analytics and the role of Definitive Healthcare in supporting their mission to provide excellent patient care.

Key result

Improved the patient journey, access, and healthcare experience


Episode transcript

One GI is the name of the management service organization that the physicians formed with a private equity partner named Webster Equity Capital. We thought it was extremely important for consolidation to happen to give the doctors the numeric scale, to have clout and leverage in the expanding healthcare industry.

We’re in the business of providing the care that gastroenterologists deliver, but, in a broader sense, we also take care of our patient populations in a more holistic way.

If we stayed at small groups, like a lot of doctors are, we really wouldn’t have those opportunities to be able to fully participate in the next phase of healthcare.

I’m continually surprised by the data capability set and, candidly, the data access that Definitive Healthcare continues to put in front of us. Data and analytics are probably the single most important aspect of what happens behind the scenes, in terms of what we do and how we decide to grow.

With Definitive Healthcare, we were looking for information on potential practices to join us. We look at productivity metrics, we look at outcome metrics. Obviously, we look at our financials, saying, if you can make it where you’re only targeting ones that might be good customers, it just makes your whole sales development process much more efficient.

Advanced is a word I would describe Definitive Healthcare for no other reason, everything that they do supports everything that we’re doing to advance our quality, our experience, our technology, so that we can continue to provide excellent patient care and access for our One GI patients across the organization.

I would tell anybody interested in working with Definitive Healthcare that it’s the source for the kinds of healthcare data that we want in order to make meaningful decisions around capabilities, claims, codes, provider utilization across the country.

Data is just gonna be the key to everything that we do moving forward for multiple different reasons, but, clearly, it’s just a way for us to continue to advance our patient care.

And so if you’re looking at making decisions in a healthcare company, doing it without Definitive feels a little bit like flying blind.

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