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How Envision Physician Services uses Definitive Healthcare to focus on the right growth opportunities

Welcome to Customer Corner! The Definitive Healthcare series that gives you a look into how organizations use the platform to grow their business. In today’s episode, we’re joined by Roylene Rhodes, Vice President of Market Strategy at Envision Physician Services, a leading medical group that employs over 25,000 clinical providers and cares for over 30 million patients a year. Roylene and Emily discuss how Definitive Healthcare helps Envision Physician Services focus on the right growth, both with their current partners as well as prospective clients. Roylene also shares how data such as process of care, HCAHPS scores, and quality metrics results, makes them more efficient and effective as they identify opportunities in their market.

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Episode transcript

Hi everyone. Thanks for tuning into an episode of Customer Corner. This is the Definitive Healthcare series that gives you a look into how companies are using the platform to grow their business. My name’s Emily De Oliveira and I’m a senior product marketing manager. And on today’s episode, I’m joined by Roylene Rhodes, VP of Market Strategy at Envision Physician Services. Welcome, Roylene.

Thank you very much.

So to kick things off, can you tell me about your organization and your role?

Absolutely. We’ll start with our organization first. We are working hard to become America’s leading medical group. We have about 25,000 clinical providers that work for us and through six service lines, emergency medicine, hospitalists, radiology, anesthesia, women’s, and children’s, and surgeons and they care for 30 million patients a year. And as a result of that, you know in my role as the vice president of market strategy, it’s my responsibility to execute the right growth strategies that are really focused on our resources and understanding the business that will make the biggest difference for our medical group.

Well over 30 million patients a year is incredible. So yeah, Envision certainly provides a variety of services. So can you tell me a little bit more about how Envision helps both healthcare providers and patients?

Absolutely. And so the first and foremost, we care for patients, you know, in their time of need. Whether it’s at their bedside in the emergency department, in a NICU, in an ambulatory surgery center, in the operating room receiving anesthesia, or it might even be one of our trauma surgeons providing that care just in terms of really making a difference. But what I think is unique about us is that we’re there for their whole continuum of care. We could be in the emergency room when they initially have their initial crisis all the way to discharging them from a floor bed fully recovered and healed.

Yeah, your services really do cover the whole continuum and you know, it also sounds like your physicians are just so committed to providing not only high quality care, but also patient-centric care.

Absolutely. It’s one of our core values as you might imagine.

And you had mentioned in a previous conversation about how healthcare has really evolved from, come one, come all to the need to be more focused and targeted. So how does data and analytics help you do so?

Absolutely. Well, you know, one of the things that, you know we focus on right now is really staying focused on what we call the right growth. And not only with our current partners, but you know looking into the future in the, you know the revolution of value-based care, quite frankly. And Definitive Healthcare is our tool for you know, negotiating and navigating and understanding both challenges with our current clients, as well as prospective clients and how we might be able to help ‘em.

Well, absolutely. Yeah, and then I can imagine it’s more important than ever to be really focused on making sure the right patients are getting the right services and specialists. And so I’m also curious. how are you using Definitive Healthcare to identify opportunities in your market?

Well, one of the things that we do is I am a, you know a big time supporter of the data analytics piece of Definitive Healthcare. And we really look at three key data points in Definitive Healthcare, and that would be process of care, HCAP scores, and the quality metrics. We have, you know, just through the opportunity to take care of 30 million patients a year, we do manage to come up with a few best practices. When I think about, we did some research during the pandemic and we saw 10% of all of the patients treated for COVID 19 in the country, and as a result we came up with a few best practices for that as an example of what we can do on day-to-day challenges that we face throughout the country. And by looking at the Definitive Healthcare process of care metrics, the quality metrics, and the HCAP scores, we can understand where there’s a opportunity for one of our solutions and whether it’s a current client who we meet with regularly anyway, but maybe it didn’t come up in a topic of conversation that they’ve got a problem with sepsis in the OR. And we’re not their or provider, we’re in the ER and they didn’t think to connect to us about that issue and we didn’t know that it was an issue for them. So it really does help us with account management and then it helps us reach out to new partners, potential partners to say we have a solution you might wanna look at.

Well, that is wonderful to hear how you’ve been using the data. And so before we wrap up, I have one last question for you. What has the impact been from using Definitive Healthcare?

Time. You know, if somebody said, you know, and I’m asked for this question every year when we you know, do our budgets and they say, what is the ROI Roylene? And my answer’s the same and the same one I just provided to you, it’s time. Before Definitive Healthcare, we spent hours, hours every week of every month of every year looking for data to try to understand the metrics we needed to know to provide that service. And I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a free government reports on hospital reporting, they go out to columns YYY and ZZZ. Well, you can’t do that in any meaningful way. And it’s the time, you know. We have to deliver the best possible results in a post pandemic, you know, home office centric way. And it is the absolute gift to us is that measurement of time, which is invaluable.

Oh, well, thank you so much for sharing that ROI and Roylene, this has been such a fabulous conversation. Thank you so much for being here today and for sharing your perspectives.

Oh, my pleasure. Thank you.

And I also wanted to thank the audience for watching this episode of Customer Corner. If you’d like to share your story on the show, you can reach out to us at and you can visit our website to learn more about how other organizations are using our platform to create commercial success.

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