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Hicuity Health grows qualified lead volume and streamlines commercial team operations

Hicuity Health, a leading acute care telemedicine provider, has innovative care solutions that save lives, shorten hospital stays, avoid infections and complications, and address patient issues before they become urgent. For more than 15 years, the company has used Definitive Healthcare to 1) identify qualified leads; 2) streamline marketing campaigns; and 3) establish a reliable CRM. Using Definitive Healthcare solutions enables the commercial teams to save approximately 25 minutes per lead and recently uncover hundreds of additional prospects.

Key results


faster access to data


additional leads uncovered

Improving patient outcomes with innovative telemedicine solutions

While patients in intensive care units (ICUs) require around-the-clock attention, providing this level of care is a significant challenge. In fact, it’s estimated that consistent monitoring of ICU patients could prevent 54,000 deaths per year. But factors like high caseloads, staffing shortages, and burnout has made it nearly impossible for critical care specialists (intensivists) to be available to the patient 24/7—and the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated these factors.

Hicuity Health, a leader in acute care telemedicine, is dedicated to improving critical care, saving patients’ lives, and reducing healthcare professional (HCP) burnout. As a clinical monitoring and tele-ICU care provider, the company brings deep clinical, operational, and technical expertise to its hospital partners nationwide. The company supports hospitals with multiple services and solutions. For example, through their tele-ICU and cardiac telemetry services, they employ a remote care team that monitors each patient’s status, identifies risks such as arrhythmia, conducts examinations through video, and works with the bedside team. By constantly monitoring the patient’s condition, they identify problems before they become urgent. Their innovative telemedicine model provides an added layer of care that saves lives, shortens hospital stays, and helps avoid infections and complications.

The challenge

Transforming healthcare with a data driven approach

Founded in 2006, Hicuity Health has always been at the forefront of innovation. To disrupt and improve the standard of care with their telemedicine solutions, they knew they needed a robust data source that would give them visibility into their market, help them keep up with the market changes, inform and enable their goto-market strategy, and optimize their commercial team’s efforts. As the sales and marketing teams executed their go-to-market strategy, they needed a single source data solution that would help them in the following ways:

  1. Build lead pipeline: The inside sales representatives fill the pipeline with qualified prospects for their field reps. To do this, they needed an efficient way to find the information on their prospects. They needed data such as contact information, network affiliations, and number of ICU beds, but with this information in many disparate sources, it was taking up to 30 minutes per lead to track down.
  2. Optimize marketing campaigns: The marketing team needed access to reliable contact information for executives at healthcare organizations. They also needed to have background on these contacts so they could segment their audience by factors such as role, department, and type of facility.
  3. Clean and expand their CRM: Both the sales and marketing teams needed to have a reliable CRM to coordinate their efforts and run successful outreach. Having current and accurate intelligence such as contact information, firmographic data, and news within their territories was crucial.

The solution

Leveraging healthcare commercial intelligence for over 15 years

In 2006, the company chose a provider that is now Definitive Healthcare. Currently, the team leverages HospitalView, Data Integration, and Technology Plus, where they gain visibility into the acute care market, identify key prospects that are the best fit for their solution, and tailor their outreach. The self-service platform allows the team to access information on-demand and in one place. Because this information is regularly updated and verified, they have confidence their intelligence is current and precise before they engage the prospects. The company leverages Definitive Healthcare data across commercial functions. Specifically, they use it to:

  1. Identify qualified leads: The sales team uses Definitive Healthcare daily to source, prioritize, and engage leads. Using facility profiles, they look to data like number of ICU beds, network affiliations, and executives. They search specific C-suite roles like CEO, COO, CNO, CMO, ICU Director, and Chief Quality Officer and access their names, titles, emails, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles. The sales team also leverages Definitive Healthcare’s News and Intelligence where they get updates on executive hires, mergers & acquisitions, construction, and facility openings/closings. Another part of the facility profile they leverage is the Technology tab, which has detailed information about a healthcare organization’s current and historical technology implementations, telemedicine insights, vendors and products, and purchasing opportunities. They use this information to identify which vendor an organization may already be partnering with. Additionally, the team leverages the market-level searches to find hospitals and executives within a territory, and with Report Builder, they quickly create custom reports that pulls in important hospital metrics. Recently, they redefined their business rules to include smaller hospitals and used Definitive Healthcare to uncover facilities that were not in their CRM. The ability to size their available market will also be valuable as they expand their care and monitoring services to other facility types such as skilled nursing facilities.
  2. Streamline marketing campaigns: Definitive Healthcare’s data has standardized information across commercial teams, enabling the marketing team’s efforts to be completely in sync with the sales organization. As a result, the same Definitive Healthcare data that populates their CRM database also populates their marketing automation database, and the team uses this information to segment their audience based on factors like bed count, service lines, and geography. This allows them to be extremely targeted in their outreach with messaging tailored specifically to that organization’s profile.
  3. Establish a reliable CRM: After partnering with Definitive Healthcare’s data integration team to integrate data into their Salesforce data base, the team can view key intelligence like bed count, news and intelligence, and network affiliations from their CRM. Each account in their CRM also has an embedded Definitive Healthcare link, which takes them directly to that corresponding facility profile in Definitive Healthcare. This seamless integration helps the team efficiently gain a holistic picture of each account before initiating their outreach.

The impact

Key result: Gained 6x faster access to essential intelligence and recently uncovered 400 additional qualified leads

Hicuity Health has been using Definitive Healthcare’s intelligence for over 15 years, and it has been ingrained into their commercial strategy and execution. Having a single source of comprehensive and current data has helped the sales and marketing teams to be more efficient and streamlined, and this has saved them considerable time. What used to take up to 30 minutes hunting and gathering for information only takes 5 minutes using Definitive Healthcare.

This data has also helped make their CRM much more accurate and comprehensive, which in turn has created a more integrated, coordinated approach between sales and marketing. When the marketing team conducts campaigns, they are confident they’re targeting the right people with the right information to reach them.

Finally, Definitive Healthcare has helped the team to grow their qualified lead volume. Recently, after redefining their business rules, they were able to uncover 400 additional hospital prospects that were previously not on their radar.

Hicuity Health has been pioneering innovative delivery care models since 2006, and they have made a quantifiable impact on both patients and providers. Not only do their services provide an added layer of support for HCPs, which helps reduce burnout, but in 2019, Hicuity Health saved over 2,000 lives and reduced mortality by 363% (based on APACHE scoring) with their 24/7/365 telemedicine solutions. Since choosing Definitive Healthcare over 15 years ago, the team has not looked back. The company has expanded to post-acute markets, and as they grow, they will continue to leverage Definitive Healthcare as their essential healthcare commercial intelligence platform.

Our use of Definitive Healthcare data is the foundation of our outreach efforts. We rely on Definitive Healthcare to identify appropriate facilities to target with our sales efforts, match service lines to each facility, and know how to contact their key leaders.
Jane Wood Inside Sales Representative, Hicuity Health
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