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Uncovering highly qualified sales leads

The sales leadership at a clinical collaboration technology company needed greater visibility into their territories to develop an effective annual sales strategy. Using market and account level intelligence from Definitive Healthcare, they identified an additional 140 highly qualified leads. The sales team has had a strong start to the year with projections to exceed their annual goal.

Key result


additional qualified leads identified

The challenge

Accessing reliable intelligence to drive sales strategy and achieve growth goals

A leading healthcare technology company makes solutions that improve patient care with their clinical collaboration and information sharing technologies. At the beginning of the year, the sales leadership needed to present a business plan detailing this year’s sales strategy. To do this, they knew they needed data-driven insights to develop an effective strategy and hit their numbers. They looked to Definitive Healthcare to get the information they needed.

The solution

Leveraging hospital, technology, financial, and quality performance data

The sales leadership used Definitive Healthcare data to identify the total addressable market, segment the market, identify the biggest opportunities, and prioritize accounts for their sales reps. They used intelligence from Hospital Search, Technology Search, Technology Vendor Market Share, and financial metrics to gain a complete picture of the account. In addition, the sales team consulted with their Definitive Healthcare account management team to identify additional intelligence that could be used to grow their sales, and this helped them identify and target underperforming hospitals in the quality metrics they impact.

The impact

Identified an additional 140 highly qualified sales leads

The quality metrics analysis yielded great results for the sales team and helped them identify an additional 140 hospitals that were struggling in quality metrics they impact. This allowed the sales reps to prioritize these qualified leads and tailor the messaging to demonstrate how their solutions can improve the hospitals’ bottom line.