Explore our employees’ unique journeys

Each of our employees followed their unique passions to arrive at a common destination—but once they’re here, their journeys are far from over. We encourage everyone to pursue the career goals that matter to them while building skills that support our collective mission. Below, you can meet a few of our team members who've recently switched career paths at Definitive Healthcare. Read their stories, and you’ll see why Definitive Healthcare is a great place to continue your career journey—or set off in a new direction.

Meet Emma

Hi everyone! I’m Emma, a junior content writer on the marketing team. I’ve been with Definitive Healthcare for a little over two years. I joined the Data Specialist department right after graduating from college in 2020 and loved my time here. In my roles on the Data Specialist team, I was responsible for developing timely, accurate and comprehensive news stories and executive data. I learned a lot about writing, our data and the healthcare industry, which helped me transition into my current role. 

    As a junior content writer, I write compelling content for marketing assets, including glossary terms, Healthcare Insights and blogs. These pieces help improve our SEO and drive business. I work with a great team of people who specialize in a variety of areas, like writing, SEO, PR graphic design, multimedia production and website design and development. My favorite type of content to write is our Healthcare Insights – they let me combine two interests: data and writing! And I always learn something new each time I write one.

    I’ve found it helpful to compare my current skillset to where I’m aiming to go in preparation for promotion cycles and career changes. Doing this allows me to see which areas I can develop to achieve my goals. I have taken professional courses to improve and acquire essential skills. I was also fortunate to have a very supportive manager who worked with me ongoingly on career development, encouraged my career aspirations and helped me through the career change process.

    My advice for anyone looking to pivot roles within Definitive Healthcare is to communicate your career interests and goals to your manager and other employee support specialists. I also find it helpful to take advantage of opportunities to learn about different areas within the company.

    Definitive Healthcare cultivates a strong, passionate and open community across the company! I also really appreciate the company’s dedication to keeping everyone safe, healthy and supported throughout the pandemic.

    I love to be active outside! Swimming and biking are two of my favorite things to do.

    Meet Tracey

    Hi everyone! My name is Tracey Lewis, and I am a senior recruiter and diversity specialist. I joined Definitive Healthcare on May 3rd of this year, and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Being a recruiter is an extremely rewarding and enlightening experience because of the impact you make on others’ lives every day.

      I have been in the talent acquisition space for over a decade, but in my previous experiences, I began to notice the lack of diversity and inclusion within their programs as I advanced in my career. Honestly, it was overwhelming for me, a Black woman, to experience the dualities between my own experience and those who I hired or worked with. My main career goal is not only to impact others, but to open their eyes to the possibilities that come with proper inclusion. Thus, in my current role as a diversity specialist, I am able to not only recruit and retain diverse talent, but I am also empowered to grow the company’s D&I goals so that we continue to be a formidable force in the healthcare commercial intelligence industry.

      Honestly, I found my voice. I felt like I had reached a complacent place in my career where I knew things should be different, but I let my own anxieties of being a minority in the workplace discourage me from making change. I confided in my kids a lot as they grew in their careers, as well, and inevitably, they inspired me to start speaking up. I joined several projects, created initiatives, and I knew that I was ready for this next phase.

      If you are looking to pivot, don’t hesitate. The second you start hesitating, your mind begins to get the best of you, and before you know it, you’ve talked yourself out of it. If you’re thinking about it, I’d say confide in someone you trust first and flesh out all your ideas so that you can start to plan next steps. I’ve learned that being eager and ready to learn are desired traits of any position, so don’t let your fear get the best of you.

      One-hundred percent, my favorite thing is the culture. It sounds cliche for someone in HR to say, but it’s so true. Culture is the core of any organization, and you can tell everything about its operations from how its people are treated versus how they perform. I think the people here are amazing and the company’s processes are the best I’ve experienced. I feel at home here and I can truly say I’m doing what I love.

      Outside of work, I adore spending time with my two kids and my grandson; I love family! Also, I like to travel—I’ve been on a few cruises but am definitely due for another one soon—and lastly, I love to try new foods.

      Meet Dana

      Hi everyone! I’m Dana, and I’m a talent development associate on the Talent Development team, here at Definitive Healthcare. I’ve been with Definitive for four years now, and I’m currently in my third role with the company. Definitive Healthcare offered me my first job after graduating from college, and I could not imagine finding a better place to have started my professional career.

        I started at Definitive Healthcare as a talent sourcer on the Talent Acquisition team, which involved sourcing potential candidates for positions across the organization. After two years, I made the transition to corporate recruiter, still on the Talent Acquisition team. In March 2022, I moved into my current role on the Talent Development team as a talent development associate. I am responsible for managing a variety of programs including onboarding; our young professional development program, Elevate; the internship program and more! It’s been fun to go from helping individuals find their next career opportunity to onboarding them, and then helping them realize their full potential here.

        The transition from a talent sourcer to corporate recruiter was quite natural, and I felt like I had slowly transitioned into doing the job before I was officially promoted, which made taking that next step much easier. While I loved recruiting and helping people discover Definitive Healthcare, when I was ready for a new challenge, I knew I had to do some exploring. A function that we didn’t have when I started here was talent development, so that was where I started. I reached out to our then director of talent development who recommended I get involved in the young professional development program, Elevate, which she was hoping to launch in six months. This program was my opportunity to explore, confirm my initial interests, and showcase my skill set and the value that I could bring to the team. After a year working with the Talent Development team as a recruiter, I had honed crucial skills like presenting and facilitation, so when March 2022 arrived, I knew that I was ready.

        It’s important to be honest with yourself about what you want. Check in with yourself throughout the year to understand what you really love doing at that moment in time and follow that. In my professional exploration, I have found talking to people and getting involved with side projects to be paramount to uncovering your next professional step. It can be limiting to focus exclusively on the logical next step to a senior-level position, for example, so even if you love what you’re doing, exploring something new can never hurt!

        When I used to speak with candidates, they almost always asked me this question, and my answer was always the same: the people and the opportunities for growth and career exploration. I am so energized by my colleagues and their excitement and passion for the work that they do. When speaking with entry-level job seekers, I always stressed that I joined Definitive, too, as an entry-level employee, and I appreciated that Definitive recognizes that it’s not realistic to think that people will be satisfied with the same challenge for years and years. The learning culture that we have created—and that I now have the opportunity to continue cultivating—allows people the ability to truly make careers for themselves here.

        Outside of work, I enjoy indoor activities and what my colleagues politely call “wholesome” hobbies, such as cooking and puzzling. Fun (or not so fun) fact: I can complete a 1,000-piece puzzle in just three hours!

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