Explore our employees’ unique journeys

Each of our employees followed their unique passions to arrive at a common destination—but once they’re here, their journeys are far from over. We encourage everyone to pursue the career goals that matter to them while building skills that support our collective mission. Below, you can meet a few of our team members who've recently switched career paths at Definitive Healthcare. Read their stories, and you’ll see why Definitive Healthcare is a great place to continue your career journey—or set off in a new direction.

Meet Lauren

Hi, I’m Lauren Winner! I joined Definitive Healthcare in January 2019 during the company’s acquisition of HIMSS Analytics. I started as an account manager but quickly moved to the role of new business sales executive. In October 2022, I was promoted to sales director.

    I lead a team of sales professionals with varied tenures at Definitive Healthcare. My focus is always on attaining our annual revenue goal. I work daily with the team to ensure each member is successful and, in return, ensure the team’s success. Some key areas include efficient prospecting, forecasting exercises, deal strategy, analyzing performance metrics, and skill development.

    I have had terrific opportunities to grow at Definitive Healthcare, mostly stemming from the support of other great leaders. I participated in DH’s in-house LEAD program in 2022 and was also set up with outside, one-on-one leadership coaching for my first three months as a people leader.

    My family is my biggest motivator. I work hard to provide for them, set a good example, and make them proud.

    Be eager to learn. Don't be afraid to tap into great resources across different areas of a company—growth can come from all angles. Be consistent with your performance (at least with things that are within your control).

    When I am not working, you will find me doing my best to wrangle my two small children, either at home, at a playground, or on one of our more exciting daily adventures. I also enjoy sneaking out for a relaxing dinner with my husband, or catching up with friends at yoga or a local brewery.

    Meet Nate

    Hey everyone, I’m Nate Morrow! I started at Definitive Healthcare in November 2020 as a biopharma major account executive, and I currently hold the position of director of biopharma account managers. In my current role, I oversee a team of six account managers.

      As director of biopharma account managers, my primary responsibilities revolve around leading and managing the team of account managers in the strategic vertical. I provide guidance, support, and strategic direction to ensure that our clients' needs are met and that our team delivers exceptional service. Additionally, I oversee the development and execution of account strategies, foster client relationships, and collaborate with cross-functional teams within the organization.

      Definitive Healthcare has been instrumental in my professional growth and progression. The organization has an outstanding internal development team and a culture that fosters individual and team growth. Personally, I have received exceptional support from the internal development team, and I had the privilege of participating in the LEAD program as an individual contributor. The LEAD program, which included a mix of other individual contributors and active managers, provided an invaluable opportunity for feedback, collaboration, and learning essential for developing leadership skills. I have to give a special shoutout to Leigh Wilmot, Jade Williams, Matt Martocci, and Tim Phaneuf—thanks for all your support!

      Since becoming a father, my motivations have undergone a significant transformation. I derive great satisfaction from mentoring and inspiring others to achieve their goals. This newfound sense of purpose was the driving force behind my decision to transition into a management position. Seeing others succeed and making a positive impact on their professional journeys is what truly motivates me.

      If you aspire to progress in your career, I recommend taking the following steps: First, communicate your aspirations to your manager and work with the internal development team to create a personalized career development plan. Then, build your internal brand by cultivating relationships with leaders from different departments and seeking opportunities to collaborate. This will expand your network and increase your visibility within the organization. Finally, look for mentors outside the company who can provide valuable guidance and insights. Developing relationships with external mentors can broaden your perspective and help you navigate your career path more effectively.

      When I am not working, you can find me taking trips with my wife and two-year-old son, working on projects with my dad, or fly fishing.

      Meet Tommy

      Hello there, I’m Tommy Ho! I joined Definitive Healthcare two years ago as an accounting manager and currently work as a senior financial planning and analysis (FP&A) analyst.

        As an accounting manager, I helped to manage the record-to-report and procure-to-pay functions within the finance department. We constantly collaborated and supported both internal and external stakeholders to push the business forward. My role now focuses on FP&A, and I perform the budgeting, forecasting, and analysis that support major decisions by our senior leaders.

        Definitive Healthcare offers various leadership and development programs, and I am fortunate to be able to participate in one of them. DH provides me with more exposure to leadership skills, as well as other skill you might not think of as an individual contributor. The support from leadership has enabled me to shift my role from accounting to FP&A, which aligns more closely with my career interests.

        I love challenges. Being able to develop a solution, progress through the roadblocks, and get to the finish line for the reward keeps me motivated.

        Be yourself, be resilient, and reflect. Being your authentic self provides you and the people around you with more confidence. It can also lead you to your desired career. The road to success is never smooth, but being resilient and able to reflect upon yourself and your failures is important for making progress towards success.

        I enjoy both urban and nature hiking with my family and friends, exploring cities domestically and internationally, and building plastic and wooden models.

        Meet Stephanie

        Hi everyone, I’m Stephanie Tang! I started in 2022 as an Onboarding & Support Specialist and now work as an Associate Instructional Designer. I’ve loved my time at Definitive Healthcare so far and building my career here. It’s not all work and no play though - in my spare time I enjoy hanging out with friends and trying new restaurants!

          In my prior role as an Onboarding and Support Specialist, I provided the first line of support to all users through live chat, support emails, and our help center. We also executed end-user training to provide insight on how to best utilize the Monocl Expert Suite depending on their challenging business objectives. This previous experience provided me with the knowledge that I needed to transition into my new role as an Instructional Designer. Now, my team and I design and revamp new and current training modules using a variety of learning formats such as videos, interactive content, written material, and more! All of this is then housed inside our Learning Management System, which we refer to as Definitive University.

          Once I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in 2022, I decided to leave working in optometry after being in the industry for six years to start my career at Definitive Healthcare!

          I love seeing how excited customers are about the platform during user training! Also, the support I get from the customer experience team in the U.S. and Europe is invaluable.

          Collaborative and inclusive throughout the company - it doesn’t matter if you’ve been here for six months or six years. Also, with Definitive Healthcare being a fast-paced tech company, there's always something exciting happening. It's especially fun to feel the energy around our new product launches!

          Talk to everyone and venture out to other departments. Not only can you meet somebody new during a quick coffee break, you can also learn a ton!

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