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Definitive Healthcare introduces the Atlas Dataset

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Includes reference & affiliation data, all-payor & prescription claims, and medical experts to help clients analyze the healthcare market from nearly any vantage point 

FRAMINGHAM, MA – February 2, 2023 – Definitive Healthcare (Nasdaq: DH), an industry leader in healthcare commercial intelligence, today introduced its Atlas Dataset, which provides the foundation for the company’s healthcare commercial intelligence and powers Definitive Healthcare’s existing products, analytics, and solutions. The Atlas Dataset ranked first or second in each of the top ten use cases for healthcare reference and affiliation data, according to an independent third-party research survey conducted in November 2022.  

“Over the last decade, we’ve been recognized as a leader in reference and affiliations data, helping clients gain unique intelligence on healthcare entities. We’re excited to package up all the data that our clients know and love in the Atlas Dataset,” said Robert Musslewhite, CEO of Definitive Healthcare. “With the Atlas Dataset, we’re empowering customers to make strategic data-driven decisions based on up-to-date intelligence on the complex and broad healthcare ecosystem.”  

Combining multiple datasets on more than 15 million healthcare experts and professionals and 300,000 healthcare organizations, the Atlas Dataset has multiple components, including: 

  • Atlas Reference & Affiliation provides clients with unique visibility into the operations of and connections between healthcare providers and healthcare organizations. This dataset spans more than 30 separate reference categories, including executive contact information, physical business address, organizational hierarchy, and more.   

  • Atlas All-Payor Claims contains billions of de-identified patient-level data that enables longitudinal analysis of healthcare activity, across payors and sites of care. This data includes both hospital and medical claims from commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, federal programs, and other payors.  

  • Atlas Prescription Claims contains billions of all-payor life cycle pharmacy and direct prescription claims so users can understand the volume of claims that are paid, rejected, and reversed.   

  • Atlas Expert contains information on more than 13 million key opinion leaders, medical science and scientific researchers and academics, and healthcare providers. The dataset also includes millions of data points from publications, clinical trials, meeting presentations, grants, social media, advisory boards, and news outlets so clients can get an accurate understanding of the scientific activity happening for virtually any therapy area or disease state.  

Powering the entire Atlas Dataset is the Definitive ID, a unique identifier assigned to every healthcare individual and organization that provides users with a standard way to navigate the healthcare ecosystem.  

By combining multiple datasets under one umbrella, the Atlas Dataset enables clients to better understand the healthcare industry by providing them with deeper context as they identify and engage the right markets, channels, and players.  For example, one client used the Atlas Dataset to realize that they had overestimated a potential market for their product by nearly 10x because they had previously only looked at claims data. Another client realized that it had been sending its pharmaceutical sales reps to central billing offices instead of the doctor’s physical offices because it previously lacked the ability to integrate affiliation data, address data, and claims data. 

According to the independent research survey, data accuracy and completeness are the key factors that both providers and life sciences companies consider when seeking our reference and affiliations data. 

“Even for those of us who have worked in the healthcare space for years, it can be hard to understand the complex relationship between different healthcare organizations,” said Emil Mladenov, vice president of marketing at Inspirata. “We like that the team at Definitive Healthcare has built out a sophisticated relational structure with its affiliation dataset over the years on IDNs, hospitals, and healthcare professionals – and that each entity has a unique identifier – as it allows us to understand the interconnectivity between organizations.” 

The Atlas Dataset uses advanced data collection methods to ensure accurate, robust data on entities across the healthcare ecosystem. By leveraging proprietary algorithms, technology such as natural language processing and artificial intelligence, sophisticated data science, as well as manual research and quality checks, Definitive Healthcare can both link intelligence to the Definitive ID as well as create new data elements, helping clients make data-driven strategic decisions.  

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