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Definitive Healthcare Releases Results of 2019 Value-Based Care Trends Survey

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Provider, Life Sciences, Biotech, IT and Financial Industry Leaders Rank and Reveal Top Trends Advancing and Impacting Selling and Growth Initiatives in the Value-Based Care Arena

FRAMINGHAM, MA – September 30, 2019 – Definitive Healthcare, the leading provider of data, intelligence, and analytics on the healthcare provider market, today released results from its 2019 Value-Based Care Trends Survey. Definitive Healthcare polled 1,090 healthcare leaders across the provider, biotech, financial services, staffing, life sciences, IT, and consulting verticals to determine predictions for the future of the value-based care landscape in 2019 and beyond. Here are the results:

Biggest Barriers to Moving to a Value-Based System

  • Lack of resources (short-staffed, insufficient healthcare IT software, etc.) (25.3%)
  • Gaps in interoperability, internally and externally (19.7%)
  • Unpredictability of revenue stream and complexity of financial risk (17%)
  • Changing regulations/policies (16.2%)
  • Trouble with collecting and reporting patient information, or gaps in care (14.8%)
  • Other (7%)

Factors Accelerating the Adoption of Value-Based Programs

  • Appropriate provider compensation and incentives (44.8%)
  • Consolidating market moving more providers into the VBC model (18.9%)
  • Policy requirements (16.1%)
  • Increase in risk-sharing models like ACOs (11.9%)
  • Other (8.3%)

Biggest Benefits of Value-Based Programs in Healthcare

  • Fewer medical errors (48%)
  • Reduced costs (28.4%)
  • Increased patient satisfaction (17.6%)
  • Other (6%)

How Value-Based Care Programs Will Shift in 2020

  • ACOs and bundled payment models will continue to evolve (31.1%)
  • Shift away from voluntary programs in favor of mandatory participation (stricter limits on fee-for-service models) (27.6%)
  • Increased provider focus on benchmarking their success against that of their competitors (21.3%)
  • Market consolidation: new partnerships and networks will capture market share (18%)
  • Other (2%)

For in-depth analysis and visuals related to this survey, please view Definitive Healthcare’s survey report here:

As value-based models continue to evolve, not only are we seeing a new level of care, but also a pressure to drive down costs and an increased focus on preventative care management,” said Jason Krantz, CEO of Definitive Healthcare. “As of 2019, only 56% of U.S. hospitals are participating in value-based purchasing. As these programs become more widespread, providers will need to benchmark their performance in order to remain competitive. This survey shows that having the right resources – staffing, compensation, IT and software – will be key to the success of value-based programs. At Definitive Healthcare, we are focused on providing our customers with the performance data and key insights necessary to successfully implement value-based care programs and improve existing strategies.”

With daily updates on 8,800 hospitals and 900 IDNs, 148,000 physician groups, and billions of healthcare claims, Definitive Healthcare helps users understand which hospitals and providers are participating in value-based care programs across the U.S. and benchmark progress against competitors with financial, clinical, and quality metrics, with up-to-date affiliation and association data updated daily on the platform. For more information, please visit:

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