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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Defined terms in these FAQs have the same meaning as in the Privacy Policy unless stated otherwise.

Who is Definitive Healthcare?

Definitive Healthcare delivers data, insights, and analytics on the healthcare market to help companies accelerate their go-to-market efforts. Since 2011, we’ve helped our clients navigate the increasingly complex healthcare market by providing them with deep, high-quality information on healthcare facilities and physicians.

Our product suite provides comprehensive data on 9,500 hospitals and IDNs; 123,000 physician groups; 2.65 million physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals; 12,000 ambulatory surgery centers; 19,500 imaging centers; 101,000 long-term care facilities; 51,000 clinics; 2,600 ACOs and HIEs; nearly 28 billion prescription claims; and 12.51 billion commercial medical claims.

What types of information does Definitive Healthcare’s platform contain?

Definitive Healthcare has created profiles on over 338,000 healthcare organizations and 2.65 million healthcare professionals in the United States.

For healthcare organizations (HCO), data collected includes firmographic, demographic, technographic, financial, quality, and clinical metrics that help our clients effectively analyze the healthcare market. We also collect data around executives/leadership at healthcare organizations, where we will track such as name, job title, business e-mail, business phone, limited personal contact information (e-mail address and mobile phone number) and social media links such as LinkedIn profile and other information which is designed to help facilitate business-to-business communication.

For healthcare professionals such as medical doctors, surgeons, and nurse practitioners (HCP), we collect business personal information, such as National Provider Identification Number, name, places of employment, practice address, e-mail and phone number, affiliation to other HCOs, clinical, and quality data.

How does Definitive Healthcare collect information for its healthcare provider profiles?

Definitive Healthcare collects data for its healthcare provider profiles in several ways and several sources, including:

  • Publicly available information, including from federal, state, and other regulatory agencies, and web research through use of technology and by our in-house research team
  • Electronic and phone surveys conducted by our research team
  • Through direct primary research
  • Licensed data received from third-party data providers such as clinical practice history of healthcare providers (HCPs) based upon HIPAA-certified de-identified patient data and limited personal, business-related or other information regarding healthcare professionals (HCPs) and leadership/executives connected to HCOs

How Do Definitive Healthcare’s Customers use this data?

Information collected about HCOs and HCPs is combined into healthcare provider profiles, and made available to licensed enterprise customers of Definitive Healthcare for many different business-related purposes, including commercial strategy, analytics, and business-to-business sales and marketing.

Does Definitive Healthcare track information for residents of the European Union?

Definitive Healthcare principally collects information about HCPs in the United States and Canada and not in other locations. Definitive Healthcare’s products and services focus on Healthcare Organizations (HCO) around the world, however, in the case of healthcare provider profiles, we only collect business information about individuals in the United States and Canada. Information we collect regarding HCOs in the European Union is focused on firmographic, telegraphic, and other information at an organizational, and not individual, level.

What Information does Definitive Healthcare track on Canadian HCOs?

Definitive Healthcare tracks information on HCOs in Canada, including hospitals, health systems, and long-term care facilities. Information collected on HCOs in Canada includes firmographic, telegraphic, and other information at the organization level, including executive leadership. Personal and business information collected on individuals is limited to name, job title, and place of employment; and business contact information.

How does Definitive Healthcare protect the individuals’ privacy when sharing business information?

Definitive Healthcare collects and sells business personal information included in our healthcare provider profiles for the purpose and with the intention of helping to facilitate business-to-business communication and other business activities. Definitive Healthcare currently does not collect or sell home address, Social Security Number, or other related categories of personal information. If you wish to opt-out of the sale of any of your personal information, please visit our privacy center at this link.

Is Definitive Healthcare in compliance with privacy laws such as GDPR and United States federal privacy laws?

Definitive Healthcare strongly supports a consumer’s right to data privacy. We strive to comply with applicable provisions of United States federal privacy laws the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the UK GDPR where applicable. Our dedicated privacy team closely monitors developments in privacy-related legislation across the United States and around the globe.

To learn more and access Definitive Healthcare’s Privacy Policy, please visit our Privacy Center.

Residents of U.S. states with comprehensive privacy laws (including California, Virginia, Colorado, Utah, and Connecticut), can read about and exercise their rights by accessing our US Supplemental Privacy Statement.

To learn more about Definitive Healthcare and the GDPR, please visit the section in our Privacy Policy entitled “Your rights under the GDPR”.

How can I find out more?

To find out more information, please read our Privacy Policy and visit our Privacy Center. To request further information, ask a question not answered here, or to submit feedback, please contact us:


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