Optimize your path from discovery to approval to commercialization

Passport Planning & Performance helps life science organizations size potential markets, measure performance with interactive KPI dashboards, identify the fastest recruiting investigators and predict patients eligible to receive treatment. By integrating data from any internal or external source, Passport Planning & Performance creates the healthcare commercial intelligence that clinical and commercial teams need to improve decision-making.

Passport Planning & Performance

Make clinical and commercial decisions with confidence

Passport Planning & Performance streamlines strategic planning with insightful, intuitive features:

Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment

Strategically map your market before you launch your product to maximize your return. Understand how you can make an impact by reviewing the number of patients at each treatment step within a particular line of therapy.

360 KPI Scorecard

360 KPI Scorecard

Automate the creation of key reports and accelerate your speed to insights. The 360 KPI scorecard is a dynamic dashboard that eliminates manual, repetitive reporting workflows and analyzes your holistic brand performance.

Clinical Trial Accelerator

Clinical Trial Accelerator

Reduce costs and speed up recruitment when starting clinical trials. Trial Accelerator improves your timeline to FDA approval by identifying the fastest-enrolling sites and investigators.

Dynamic Targeting

Dynamic Targeting

Predict patients eligible for your treatment before they arrive at a treating physician’s office. Drive brand penetration in market through a predictive model that explores complex datasets and identifies patients ready for treatment.

Optimize the pathway to FDA approval and commercialization

With Passport Planning & Performance, you can:

Improve market opportunity selection

Synthesize patient-level data to quantify treatment flow, visualize patient journeys, map out referral patterns and understand total addressable patient volumes.

Accelerate clinical trial development

Identify and utilize the fastest recruiting sites and investigators, while receiving proactive alerts as eligible patients enter your dataset.

Reduce data analysis timelines

A flexible KPI dashboard integrates terabytes of desegregated data, automates reporting and reduces repetitive manual workflows.

Chart your entire journey

Passport Planning & Performance provides even greater value when integrated with other data products to create comprehensive, user-specific solutions:


Size market opportunities, engage clinical experts and identify provider and patient targets to speed up commercialization.

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Medical Devices

Ensure investments align with quantifiable market opportunities and optimize sales planning with targeted providers and patients.

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