Attain peak revenue and profit

Passport Promotional Analytics helps life science organizations understand customer preferences, target high-value healthcare providers and identify the most engaging tactics and channels. By integrating data from virtually any internal or external source, Passport Promotional Analytics delivers the healthcare commercial intelligence that sales and marketing teams need to inform their decision-making.

Passport Promotional Analytics

Understand your market with analytics on-demand

Passport Promotional Analytics helps you see into key sales and marketing metrics:

Promotion Mix

Promotion Mix

Allocate your promotional budget more effectively by analyzing historical campaign performance. Scenario planning tools identify where to add or remove investment and help you develop the right mix of tactics to achieve your sales objectives.

Channel Insight

Channel Insight

Drive better engagement by using predictive algorithms that suggest the next best action for your marketing and sales activities. Tailor the timing and method to your outreach to break through the noise and maximize impact.

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Improve your messaging relevancy by micro-segmenting your target market on need, behavior and preference. Combine data from market research, your promotional history and past sales–or any other source—to inform segmentation strategy.

Campaign Performance

Campaign Performance

Measure the ROI of your marketing activity by designing and then testing campaigns before they launch. Continually increase your ROI by improving execution throughout the duration of your campaign.

Maximize promotional impact

With Passport Promotional Analytics, you can:

Improve customer segmentation

Synthesize key data points from your marketing automation, CRM or other internal system to better understand how to engage key clients and prospects.

Maximize the impact of promotional tactics

Deepen your understanding of the content and marketing channels to which your prospects are most likely to respond.

Effectively allocate omnichannel budget

Analyze your historical marketing spend versus performance so you can allocate or re-allocate dollars to the channels that drive the most revenue.

End-to-end commercialization solutions

Passport Promotional Analytics provides even greater value when integrated with other data products to create comprehensive, user-specific solutions:


Size market opportunities, engage clinical experts and identify provider and patient targets to speed up commercialization.

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Medical Devices

Ensure investments align with quantifiable market opportunities and optimize sales planning with targeted providers and patients.

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