Definitive Healthcare’s physician database provides a unique view on the physician universe that cannot be found anywhere else. The data not only profiles 1.6 million+ physicians, but provides a view on the physician group, hospital and IDN relationships for each individual physician. This affiliation data coupled with detailed analysis on patient and referral flow, technology utilization and prescription behavior gives you what you need to capitalize on this market
  • Physician profiles, including specialties and office address and phone; physician emails available for many
  • Affiliations with hospitals (primary and secondary) as well as physician groups
  • Open Payments data revealing relationships with pharmaceutical and medical device companies
  • Prescription drug data, including costs and volumes of prescriptions written
  • DEA, NPI data, and other key identifiers
Steven Steier, Executive Sales Administrator, Extension Healthcare

Definitive has given us clear insight into the landscape of US-based hospitals making it easier for our sales and marketing team to understand the total addressable market and reach potential prospects. The sales team utilizes the tool to better qualify prospects and convert them to customers. Using Definitive we have achieved records sales for the 5th consecutive year.