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Outpatient care is driving new technical, patient management, and procedure innovations, but, with so much change, it also remains one of the hardest healthcare segments to keep up with.

Don’t miss out on strong growth opportunities in the burgeoning outpatient care market. Rely on Definitive Healthcare data and insights to reveal facility associations and networks, uncover key trends, highlight critical pain points, and identify the best opportunities for your business.  
updated database of ambulatory surgery centers
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Evaluate and segment the ASC market

Find your ideal outpatient surgery centers by location (from city to CBSA), historical population growth, number of operating rooms, specialties, services offered, accreditations, affiliations, and other filters that are most relevant to your sales strategy.
segment the ASC market

Examine patient referral patterns

Identify the physician and healthcare facilities that receive the most patient referrals and see which in- and out-of-network facilities each ASC refers patients to most frequently. Assess trended referral patterns to determine whether volume is increasing or decreasing at a given surgery center.
patient referral patterns

Analyze procedure volumes

Aggregate surgical procedure volumes by region, surgery center, integrated delivery network, or procedure code. Assess total charges, average charge per procedure, and identify the surgery centers that perform the greatest percentage of each surgical procedure.
procedure volumes

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