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Participate in the rapid growth of this ever-changing niche market. With Definitive Healthcare data, you can understand which unique patient populations are being served and the procedure, prescription, and care outcomes delivered.

Assess quality and ROI metrics to evaluate and address critical pain points. Grow your business by aligning your solutions with the important and unique characteristics of each clinic and the practitioners within it.
Health Clinics Insights
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Leverage our data to improve market penetration

Measure patient care access

Map the volume of clinicians and allied health professionals that are on staff at clinics across the U.S. by identifying the number of care providers at a given clinic or in a network. Customize your search by targeting registered nurses, primary care physicians, OB-GYNs, and additional specialists.
Measure patient care access

Segment the clinics market

Target clinics by type, region, accreditation, physician volume, population demographics, and other key metrics. Improve your odds of success by creating custom campaigns and distinct messaging for each facility based on its individual needs.
Segment the clinics market

Analyze clinic populations

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of the patient populations served by each clinic. Gather details such as number of Medicare beneficiaries, median income level, education, percentage of patients in a single-parent household, and other insights.
Analyze clinic populations

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