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Understand the full breadth of services, patient demographics, physician sub-specialties, key practice metrics, technology installs, and ownership models for imaging center across the US before identifying the best targets for your growth strategies.

With rapid innovation and technical advancement in the imaging market, the landscape is changing quickly. Get the updated insights you need to make sure your conversations remain relevant and accurate and your buyer remains engaged.
Imaging Centers Insights
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Get updated insights to keep your buyers engaged

Get custom alerts for RFPs and CONs in your target market

Receive daily emails from imaging centers requesting radiology and durable medical equipment upgrades, service, or new vendors to get ahead of your competitors.
alerts for RFPs and CONs

Review affiliations and networks

Identify imaging center locations and relationships with other radiology facilities, hospitals, physician groups, ambulatory surgery centers, and clinicians – including physician group ownership.
affiliations and networks

Analyze radiology and imaging procedures

Access and examine CMS and all-payor claims data associated with specific imaging centers and physicians to confirm which radiology procedures patients most frequently undergo.
radiology and imaging procedures

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