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Power your team with the highest quality, daily updated intelligence on hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare providers

Analyze procedure, diagnosis, and prescription volumes at every care provider

Our all-payor claims information is associated with 247 million patients—delivering a complete view of where patients seek care for specific diseases and from whom. Combine real world evidence with the leading data on healthcare facilities and providers to gain a deeper level of intelligence about your target buyers and a broader understanding of the local, regional, and national markets.

View patterns and populations that most align with your drug, device, or therapy to refine and accelerate your go-to-market strategy.
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With consolidation happening faster than ever, data and insights are more important than they've ever been. That's why I'm a Definitive Healthcare user, because I'm such a believer that knowledge is power.

Dave Edwards
VP of Strategic Corporate Accounts
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Penetrate a unique healthcare market segment with customizable insights

Analyze referral patterns

Determine your best sales strategies by identifying your highest impact audience and the influencers within it. Map the volume and patterns of referrals from physicians, hospitals and facilities over specific periods of time.
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Measure procedure volumes

Increase your efficiency by prioritizing your go-to-market planning and sales execution efforts around facilities and physicians with the highest volumes with the procedures and prescriptions you address most.
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Conduct financial analysis

Identify opportunities to drive cost savings by reviewing the percentage of total charges, primary diagnosis, and the average charges per claim for specific ICD-10 codes.
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