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Engage with healthcare providers on a deeper level through your target patient cohorts with PatientFinder. Identify your ideal physician partners and generate lead lists that get you better results. Ensure you fully understand referral networks and patient journeys, including under-utilized and untapped referrers—and find the best clinicians not currently working with you or your competitors. You can even prioritize your existing accounts using patient volume, diagnoses, and procedure histories.

Prepare for vital conversations with custom pre-call plans, and make sure you’re prepared to answer all your prospects’ questions. You can also opportunistically connect specialists with referring physicians to educate primary care providers and expand your brand recognition. Understand your place in the market and plan competitor displacement with insights on vendor market share, patient leakage, and drug prescribing volumes. Then, export your findings directly into your existing workflow, integrating patient and provider insights and accelerating your growth.
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With CohortBuilder, you have the power to build your own cohorts like never before. Describe your patients in plain language and find the population that would benefit most from your therapy or device – without specialists or consultants. Our comprehensive platform draws analyses from all-payor claims covering over 200 million patient lives, allowing you to find the vital insights you need without combing through unnecessary information.

You can also track individual patient journeys based on diagnoses and procedure history to find the perfect point of intervention – improving the effectiveness of your treatment and increasing the chances of adherence. Whether you’re planning a go-to-market strategy or expanding your reach to a wider audience, let us be your partners in finding your patient populations.
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