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Patientfinder has been acquired by Definitive Healthcare.
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Tap into your client’s full potential with custom insights

Energize your sales force and shape your client market expansion with a tool that offers you access to the patient populations that would benefit most from your products and services.

Understand where and how your patient targets are being treated and discover how you can access them holistically. Analyze all-payor claims covering more than 200 million lives, including diagnosis and treatment history for individual patients.

Be prepared for any conversation with specialized lead lists, tailored to your business goals. Accelerate your growth – integrate patient and provider intelligence for strategic planning.
Tap into your client’s full potential with custom insights

Helping patients starts with finding patients

Next-level referral analytics

PatientFinder maps complex referral networks, helping you to connect the right referring physicians to your current and future accounts.
Next-level referral analytics

Real patients & real results

PatientFinder lets you build sophisticated patient profiles using simple language, helping you to zero in on the patients who could benefit the most from your product within your territory.
Real patients & real results

With consolidation happening faster than ever, data and insights are more important than they've ever been. That's why I'm a Definitive Healthcare user, because I'm such a believer that knowledge is power.

Dave Edwards
VP of Strategic Corporate Accounts
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Physicians Database
Data on more than 1.7 million physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals
Medical Claims Database
Medical Claims
Access all-payor claims information associated with 247 million patients in the U.S.
Hospitals & IDNs Database
Hospitals & IDNs
Daily updated intelligence, insights and profiles on more than 8,800 hospitals and IDNs
Physisican Groups Database
Physician Groups
Data on 135,000 physician groups, and 1.7 million physicians, and other healthcare professionals
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