Definitive Healthcare’s population health analytics allows subscribers to analyze where patients seek care across different providers and provider types.

Definitive Healthcare’s population health analytics allows clients to understand:

  • Network leakage (which other hospitals and physicians are also treating their patients, and for what diagnosis or procedure)
  • What share of their patient care a hospital is providing, by diagnosis or procedure
  • Which Skilled Nursing Facilities, home health agencies, or hospices are most used by a population of patients (and for what diagnoses)
  • What the overall cost of care is for this patient universe
  • Users can utilize standard patient populations or can develop their own based on a series of filters including age, geography, types of diseases, and more


Additionally, subscribers can leverage Definitive Healthcare’s analyst team to utilize this vast data set specifically for your business needs.

Jennelle Thomas, Sales Coordinator, Dynamic Computing Services

We have been subscribed to Definitive Healthcare for about 2 years and I would recommend them. It is very easy to navigate through the system and the support team responds quickly to questions. It’s been a very useful tool!”