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ABOUT Healthcare powers their marketing, sales and clinical teams with a data-driven approach

ABOUT™ is a technology solutions company that enables health systems to move patients into and out of the acute care setting—getting them to the next, best care setting faster and easier, maximizing patient outcomes and optimizing healthcare organizations’ operational and financial performance.

They used Definitive Healthcare in their commercial and clinical organizations to:

1. Enable account-based marketing

2. Elevate customer conversations

3. Optimize their CRM

Key result

  • 16x faster access to data using Definitive Healthcare
  • This enabled them to better hone in on where they could improve outcomes, ask more informed questions and build trust with health systems.

Improving the patient journey with better coordinated care

When it comes to transferring a patient to the right healthcare setting, routine steps like administrative tasks and finding available beds and doctors can take hours. Any delay or inefficiency in these processes can have a significant impact on patient outcomes as well as the operational and financial performance of a healthcare organization. After experiencing these inefficiencies firsthand, one physician set forth to make a change and founded ABOUT Healthcare, a technology company that orchestrates access to care and balance capacity, enabling healthcare organizations to grow with resilience. Their solutions extend across the entire healthcare continuum—from acute to post-acute and beyond. Their orchestration engine manages transfers, gives visibility into staffed beds and wait times, and centralizes physician and provider scheduling data across the entire health system. Their solutions have a substantial impact across the organization. For clinical leaders, they relieve administrative burdens so clinical teams can focus on patient care. For operational leaders, it makes care coordination seamless to optimize how a health system operates. And for strategy and growth leaders, it reduces friction to enable future growth.

The challenge

Gaining a deeper understanding of healthcare organizations’ needs

ABOUT improves health systems’ clinical, operational and financial performance with their innovative solutions that manage patients and load-balance across care settings. Through their consultative approach, the commercial and clinical teams tailor the solutions to address each organization’s needs.

With this approach, the entire team needed to have a holistic understanding of their market and the healthcare organizations within it. They needed intelligence on how these organizations operated clinically and financially, who the key decision makers were, what technology has been implemented, which facilities were affiliated and what service lines the organization offered. They needed this healthcare commercial intelligence to:

1. Research prospects: To align with their account-based marketing strategy, they needed a way to gain a deep understanding of target healthcare organizations.

2. Identify pain points: The commercial team needed to tailor their messaging based on a healthcare organization’s financial, clinical and operational needs.

3. Expand their CRM: To engage the right decision-makers, they needed to integrate healthcare intelligence including executive contact information into their Salesforce.

Gaining this level of data proved to be cumbersome and fragmented. They knew they needed a different approach to accelerate their commercial success.

The solution

A coordinated, data-driven approach across marketing, sales and clinical teams

As the team at ABOUT evaluated data vendors, they were impressed by Definitive Healthcare’s easy-to-use interface and the quality, depth and breadth of the data. Having clinical, operational and financial data in one platform presented the perfect one-stop-shop for the multiple functions of their organization. Choosing Definitive Healthcare’s Solution for Software and IT companies was a quick and easy decision for the team.

The sales, marketing and clinical teams leveraged Definitive Healthcare in a coordinated effort to help their customers improve clinical, operational and growth initiatives. For example, they used Definitive Healthcare to: 

1. Enable account-based marketing: Definitive Healthcare’s profiles on health systems and individual facilities have been valuable for the marketing team to gain a holistic understanding of the organization’s clinical, operational and financial status, and this helped the team determine how the solutions from ABOUT could best address their needs. They also used News & Intelligence data to keep tabs on changes at the organization. Additionally, Affiliations data helped them to map all the entities within a health system and understand how each facility was operating. The marketing team used this intelligence in conjunction with the sales teams and clinical consultants.

2. Elevate customer conversations: Leveraging Definitive Healthcare data such as financial performance, case mix index and average length of stay has helped the commercial and clinical teams initiate conversations with a clearer understanding of the account. Because ABOUT connects with any EHR and technology vendor, they used Definitive Healthcare’s technology implementation data to identify the technology vendors used across health systems. This helped the teams ask more informed, targeted questions as well as tailor their messaging to specifically address each customer’s needs. Additionally, following the shift to telehealth due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Definitive Healthcare’s telehealth data has also supported them as they help their customers adapt to the changes.

3. Optimize their CRM: The team used Definitive Healthcare’s data integration offering to integrate key intelligence into their Salesforce. Data on executive contacts have been critical in identifying who the decision-makers were at both the health system and facility level, and contact information like phone numbers, emails and LinkedIn profiles helped the team to determine the best path to engage. Integrating financial, technology and clinical data allowed team members like sales reps to easily access critical Definitive Healthcare data. 

The impact

Key result: 16x faster access to data using Definitive Healthcare

The team at ABOUT reported that Definitive Healthcare has been impactful at both the market and account level. For projects researching and analyzing health systems, the ABOUT clinical, marketing and sales teams were able to reduce the project’s research time from weeks to a matter of hours. Without Definitive Healthcare, collecting the clinical, operational, financial and executive data on just one health system would take weeks and, in some cases, that data would not be available at all. ABOUT significantly reduced this research time using Definitive Healthcare, allowing more time to analyze where ABOUT could help health systems improve their clinical, operational and financial performance.

Definitive Healthcare helped to piece the fragmented healthcare system together and provided a comprehensive picture of the networks and facilities within their market. Having this level of healthcare commercial intelligence aligned with their consultative approach, helping them to engage the right individuals and having more informed conversations at the start. With Definitive Healthcare’s data, it has allowed the ABOUT team to home in on specific areas, ask better questions and build trust with healthcare organizations. This has facilitated strong partnerships focused on improving standards of care, operations and financial performance. In fact, they recently helped one of the largest nonprofit health systems to standardize transfer operations and identify referral and transfer trends. As a result, they reduced the average transfer time by 67 minutes in 6 months, grew referral volume by 14% and generated an additional $26.3 million in potential revenue. As ABOUT continues to partner with healthcare organizations nationwide, Definitive Healthcare looks forward to continuing to be their trusted data partner.

We use Definitive Healthcare daily. It helps us get out of the gate in a much better position and sets us up for more informed, tailored conversations with each account.”
Tim Dols Marketing Manager, ABOUT
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