Building a reliable marketing contact database

A revenue cycle management company focused on growing their physician group market share needed to improve their email delivery rates. Using Definitive Healthcare, they achieved a 92% email delivery rate that was 7% above their industry average.

Key results


email delivery rate achieved


above industry average

The challenge

Facing incorrect contact information and high email bounce rates

A revenue cycle management company was focused on expanding physician group market share and needed to build their marketing contact database for physicians and physician groups. Previously, they had unreliable contact information with high bounce rates, and this significantly impacted their go-to-market results. They needed to find a way to improve their delivery rates.

The solution

Accessing reliable, current contact information for email marketing campaigns

The marketing team turned to Definitive Healthcare’s extensive database of executive and physician contact information, which is updated and verified regularly. The team easily accessed Definitive Healthcare’s physician emails and physician group executive contact emails for marketing campaign outreach.

The impact

Achieved a 92% email delivery rate—7% above industry average

Using Definitive Healthcare’s updated and verified contact information, the marketing team achieved a 92% email delivery rate for their campaign, which was well above the 85% delivery rate average for the software and IT industry.