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Understanding the competitive landscape with healthcare commercial intelligence

Definitive Healthcare partnered with an industry-leading diagnostic lab that provides best-in-class diagnostic solutions to physicians and their patients by delivering fast, accurate, and reliable results. They have developed and integrated products and services that help healthcare professionals elevate their quality of care, boost practice productivity, and reduce overhead—all while increasing patient satisfaction.

Key result

"15 in 4"

Enrolled 15 prescribers into their platform in 4 weeks

This industry leader recently made a strategic investment to expand into a new market with a new location focusing on PCR testing. Testing done at third-party pathology labs is often billed directly to the organization providing the test or equipment. As a result, it can be challenging to gain visibility into a physician’s or provider’s lab order activity.

Definitive Healthcare helped this customer gain a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape and develop a strategic and targeted sales strategy.

The challenge

Implement a strategic approach to targeting the market

In planning to penetrate a new market, the diagnostic lab needed to hire the correct number of salespeople, provide them with actionable information to be successful, and develop lab service targeted territories. Without deep insight into the competitive landscape, the lab could not identify proper market segmentation or conduct accurate territory planning.

The solution

Leverage robust claims data

The lab used the PhysicianView product to source Physician Lab data, including procedure volumes and processing entities. Using comprehensive intelligence into lab test ordering patterns, the diagnostic lab was able to precisely target the physicians and pathology labs associated with specific PCR testing codes.

The impact

Identified high-volume PCR testing prescribers

By harnessing specific PCR testing data, the lab effectively developed targeted account plans and identified top prescribers across their new market. Within only four weeks, the sales team successfully enrolled 15 prescribers into their platform, hitting their expected target.