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Elevating sales segmentation and messaging

The cardiovascular division at a biopharma company needed to estimate, target and deliver their product to hospitals with the greatest number of high-risk stroke patients. The sales team previously used the national estimate of 70%, but with Definitive Healthcare, the team found that most hospitals were well above the national average, and many closer to 90%. This enabled a more targeted approach with their accounts.

Key result

Increased precision of a stroke estimate to nearly


at key hospitals

The challenge

Using accurate data to segment accounts and tailor sales messaging

The cardiovascular division of a large fortune 500 biopharma company needed to determine the percentage of patients at high risk of a stroke at their target hospitals so that their sales reps could have more targeted, data-driven conversations with their customers. With limited visibility into this measure, the team was previously using a national estimate: Of the total patients at risk of a stroke, 70% were considered high-risk based on several risk factors. However, neither the sales team nor their hospital customers trusted the accuracy of the national number.

The solution

Gaining hospital-level visibility into their target patient population

The team partnered with Definitive Healthcare to craft a new report. The analysis used current claims data, which included Medicare, commercial, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, federal programs, and other sources. This analysis provided hospital-level visibility into their patient population, and this increased the precision of information the team had about stroke risk at each hospital.

The impact

Prioritizing and targeting hospitals where 90% of stroke patients were considered high risk

Definitive Healthcare’s data showed that most hospitals were well above the 70% estimate, and some were closer to 90%. The increased accuracy of the estimate had two significant implications for the business. First, it helped the sales team prioritize hospitals with high percentages of high-risk stroke patients, and many of these hospitals were not considered a priority prior to this analysis. Second, the better specificity gave the salesforce more credibility, allowed them to speak confidently about the hospitals’ risk factors, and effectively tailor their sales messaging based on accurate data.