Effectively engaging with the right KOLs in rare disease

See how one biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercializes innovative products, used Monocl ExpertInsight to decrease time spent prepping for meetings and increase engagement success rates by 40%.

Key result


increase in engagement success rates

The challenge

A biopharmaceutical company requires KOL mapping and a new tiering structure for a rare disease drug in the development process. Previously, they relied on traditional consultant KOL mapping with marginal success. The mapping and tiering initiatives had been excessively time-consuming and resulted in relatively poor quality and out-of-date lists of KOLs. This time around they were focused on generating their own lists, so they could engage faster, identify KOLs more accurately, and reach out with the most current information on reference.

The solution

This team leveraged both Monocl ExpertInsight and Monocl Connect. Monocl ExpertInsight was utilized to map out and identify new experts in different regions who matched a certain criterion specific to their drug in development. After identifying a list of experts, the team utilized their CRM and integrated Monocl Connect to access valuable information and real-time data with which to engage these new potential KOLs. They leveraged both Monocl ExpertInsight—to map out and identify new KOLs, and the Monocl Connect CRM integration to assist them with strategic planning and initiatives.

The impact

One member of the team described Monocl as a “gamechanger for finding and engaging new KOLs.” The always-current information allowed them to reach out to experts with credibility and reference the latest data resulting in a 90% engagement success rate. In the years prior to using Monocl, their outreach response rate peaked at 50%. Additionally, the team cut the time spent researching in preparation for KOL meetings. On average, they went from 30 minutes of manual internet searching down to 5 minutes referencing Monocl.

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