Generating new provider referral streams

A leading healthcare provider needed to have a deeper understanding of their market in order to reach its growth goals. Using Definitive Healthcare’s Solution for Providers, the teams uncovered key intel on providers, referrals, payors, affiliations, and M&A activity. Within the first 6 weeks, they generated a steady stream of referrals from a net new account.

Key result


referrals within 6 weeks

The challenge

Meeting growth goals with an incomplete understanding of the market

A healthcare provider that has inpatient and outpatient centers across the country entered a major growth and expansion phase. To penetrate new accounts, they needed to have a deep understanding of the key providers, physicians, patients, and payors within their territories. Several years ago, their business development team would spend hours hunting and gathering information. For example, they would Google physicians and providers, search for contact information, and keep their opportunity research in stacks of paper for reference. This method proved to be cumbersome and time consuming. The team needed a more efficient and precise way to gain a complete understanding of the market.

The solution

Uncovering biggest opportunities for growth with a comprehensive view of the market

Using Definitive Healthcare’s Solution for Providers, the marketing and business development teams conducted analyses using Definitive Healthcare data to understand where the best growth opportunities were to reach and retain more patients. They also partnered with professional services to create custom reports to conduct advanced analyses on physicians, physician groups, referral patterns, providers, payors, geographic location. The development team also used claims, affiliations, and mergers & acquisition intelligence to determine market saturation and opportunities to build or acquire facilities.

The impact

Generated multiple referrals from a net new account within 6 weeks

These analyses have had a nearly immediate impact on the business. Within 6 weeks, the team had multiple referrals from a net new account that was not on their radar prior to this analysis, and it has opened doors to become their preferred provider, which would yield a steady revenue stream generated by patient referrals. In addition, the field team has become more efficient and productive with their time. What previously took the teams up to a full day researching opportunities on public search engines and visiting the physicians, the teams now access a whole new level of intelligence within minutes with Definitive Healthcare.