Growing revenue with a shortened sales cycle and more deals closed

A facility services company needed better sales intelligence to close more deals. Using Definitive Healthcare, the sales director identified their customers’ affiliations and corresponding executive contact information, which funneled more qualified leads. Within 5 months, they converted 12 long awaited prospects into clients. The team reported a stronger pipeline, shorter sales cycle, more closed deals, and increased revenue.

Key result


deals closed within 5 months

The challenge

Gaining a better understanding of key accounts within sales territories

The healthcare division of a facility services company was beginning a verticalization campaign to help sales reps identify new opportunities with prospects and current clients. To identify key accounts within their territories and provide the sales teams with the intelligence they needed to close more deals, they knew they needed a data-driven approach.

The solution

Powering campaigns with intelligence on hospitals, affiliations, and executives

Using Definitive Healthcare data from HospitalView, the sales director ran an analysis on current clients and their affiliated care sites to expand their relations with current customers. From that list, they accessed executive contact information on all facility directors at these locations. With this data, the team ran a series of successful campaigns, which the sales leadership reported having the best results to date.

The impact

Converted 12 long awaited prospects within 5 months

Within 5 months of using Definitive Healthcare data, the sales reps turned 12 long awaited prospects into actual customers. The sales leadership reported that with this data, they had more qualified leads, greater pipeline growth, a shorter sales cycle, and more deals closed—all of which have resulted in increased revenue for the company.