Identifying relevant KOLs on a global scale

A biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, and markets products and services globally to support research, diagnostics, and molecular biology markets. Using Monocl ExpertInsight, they were able to decrease time spent developing lists from 6 months to just 10 minutes.

Key result


reduction in time to build expert lists

The challenge

A biopharmaceutical company wants to expand their research and development of diagnostics and molecular biology products and services on a global level. Previously, they relied on third-party agencies and manually created lists to identify experts in their field and in new therapeutic areas to explore viability. These mapping and tiering initiatives were time-consuming and resulted in poorquality lists. Taking a compound into a new therapy area meant they had to start mapping from scratch, with little knowledge of where to find experts and how to properly prioritize them.

The solution

Utilizing Monocl ExpertInsight and Monocl ExpertGO, the team gains access to nearly 13 million experts globally across all therapeutic areas. The advanced filters and search functionality allow them to identify and sort experts into tiers based on a set of criteria that best align with their business and expansion plans. Also, they can now curate lists based on geographic location, enabling their Global Teams to initiate relationships quicker and with more relevant and current information.

The impact

One member of the team described Monocl as “a real super tool that does exactly what you want it to do!” Identifying and tiering experts globally in new markets has enabled them to expand on their strategic planning quickly and increase their overall business. They are also utilizing ExpertGO, which enables them to prep expert information and their activities prior to in-person meetings. Having this valuable information accessible via smartphone has led to more meaningful and productive engagements. The quick ramp-up and expansion into new markets has also led them to increase their usage of Monocl ExpertInsight and ExpertGO, from 15 licenses to 165 licenses in only a couple of months. Additionally, this company has added ExpertData to further enrich their internal Master Data Management systems and CRM.