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Optimize promotional planning while reducing consultant dependencies

A large pharmaceutical company wanted a self-service analytics solution that 1) optimized promotional modeling, 2) evaluated the returns on marketing investments, and 3) decreased costs associated with consultants performing analyses.

With Passport Promotional Analytics, the company generated historical and predictive models to optimize budgets and promotional planning, while saving $1M in reduced consultant dependencies.

Key result


annual savings by removing dependencies on consulting teams

The challenge

Driving efficiencies in promotional mixes at scale

The company wanted to switch from consultant-heavy analytics to a self-service real-time data analytics platform that would leverage internal historical marketing activities to inform and generate more efficient promotional mixes at scale.

The solution

Leveraging a promotional analytics tool to inform real-time promotion mix and strategy

Using Passport Promotional Analytics, Definitive Healthcare supported the company through an analysis of historical campaign performance to inform future models of budgetary investments and tactical mixes to achieve sales objectives.

The impact

Optimized promotion planning enabled savings from reduced consultant dependencies

The company leveraged a self-service analytics solution for real-time promotional mix modeling and optimization, which allowed for the reduction in consultant headcount from 130 to 6 consultants, which saved approximately $1 million in annual savings.