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Powering commercial teams with a robust, reliable CRM

A medical supply company expanding into a new market was faced with a CRM that contained incomplete and incorrect data on their market and accounts. They partnered with Definitive Healthcare to clean and reorganize the data and workflow, fill in market intelligence gaps, and add 40,000 more executive contacts. This resulted in a more effective sales and marketing organization.

Key result


executive contacts and titles added to their CRM

The challenge

Conducting sales and marketing activities with unreliable and incorrect information

A global medical supply company that sells infection protection and safety products had plans to expand their ambulatory surgery centers market share. The company had a customer relationship management (CRM) system to conduct marketing and sales activities; however, their CRM contained missing, incomplete, and inaccurate data on their market and accounts. The CRM also lacked reliable decision maker contact information. As they expanded their footprint in surgery centers, their need to fix their CRM data became mission critical. They began to evaluate data providers like Definitive Healthcare and other data providers to solve this problem.

The solution

Unlocking opportunities with a robust, reliable CRM

The team chose Definitive Healthcare because of their experience using HospitalView and the prospect of unlocking even greater potential by adding SurgeryCenterView and data integration services. The team partnered with our client integration specialists to undergo a data integration project. The specialists mapped Definitive Healthcare data (e.g. market intelligence and key metrics for their target facilities) to their CRM, cleaned up the data, and also added executive contact information to all current and new accounts.

The impact

Added over 40,000 executive contacts to their newly cleaned and reorganized CRM

This project recently finished with stellar results that made three substantial impacts on the sales and marketing teams. First, Definitive Healthcare helped clean and reorganize the data and workflow in the company’s internal system. The team reported that the new data and its accessibility has made them finally feel comfortable about the accuracy of the information, which allows them to be more confident and productive in sales conversations. Second, mapping Definitive Healthcare data to their existing CRM metrics filled in significant gaps in the hospital market they were currently selling into as well as provided a full market view of the surgery centers market that they were entering. Finally, with Definitive Healthcare data, the company added over 40,000 executive contacts and titles to their CRM, which will enable the marketing and sales teams with better intelligence to efficiently execute marketing campaigns and sales outreach.