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Top Inpatient Procedures By ICD-10 Code

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These lists feature the top 25 all-payor and Medicare inpatient procedures by volume, with ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes. Injections, transfusions, and diagnostic tests dominated both lists, with "insertion of Infusion Device into Superior Vena Cava" (ICD-10 code: 02HV33Z) taking the no. 2 spot on each list. 

Top 5 Impatient Surgeries by ICD-10 Code

3E0234Z Introduction of Serum, Toxoid and Vaccine into Muscle 1,920,679 9955
02HV33Z Insertion of Infusion Device into Superior Vena Cava 1,657,273 3893
10E0XZZ Delivery of Products of Conception 1,603,965 7359
30233N1 Transfusion of Nonautologous Red Blood Cells into Peripheral Vein 1,561,080 9904
3E0G76Z  Introduction of Nutritional Substance into Upper GI, Via Natural or Artificial Opening  1,466,731 9635

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