Clinical Research

What is clinical research?

Clinical research studies the most promising advances in patient care to determine their effectiveness and safety. It differs from laboratory research since clinical research utilizes human volunteers, whereas lab research generally does not involve people.

There are two types of clinical research: observational studies and clinical trials.

With observational studies, the researchers seek to identify and analyze patterns in medical data or biological samples provided by the study participants. In comparison, clinical trials, also known as interventional studies, test the effectiveness and safety of medical interventions.

When it comes to clinical research, volunteers of every age, race, health status, gender, and ethnicity are needed to ensure that the treatments and procedures developed by scientists are effective and safe for all people.

Clinical research studies involve a screening process to ensure that the participants meet the requirements before beginning. This is crucial to ensuring the volunteers are safe throughout the study.

Why is clinical research important for healthcare?

Clinical research is crucial for advancing the healthcare tools and treatments available to society. Every device, medication, technique, diagnostic test, tool, and technology utilized within medicine was once the subject of clinical research.