Diabetes Education Centers

What is a diabetes education center?

A diabetes education center is a facility that offers services and programs with a primary focus on promoting the healthcare needs of individuals with diabetes.

Diabetes education centers are outpatient facilities offering group and one-on-one diabetes education classes for the patient and their family.

Some of the educational material and care provided by a diabetes education center can include:

  • exercise and insulin pump therapy
  • comprehensive diabetes education classes 
  • insulin pump classes and initiation
  • early treatment and education for those recently diagnosed 
  • training for continuous glucose monitoring at home
  • family involvement and social support
  • stress and psychosocial adjustment

Why are diabetes education centers important in healthcare?

Diabetes is a chronic health condition that significantly impacts an individual’s life. Even more, proper management of diabetes is crucial for long-term success with the disease. Because of this, diabetes education centers are vital for providing those with diabetes the skills and knowledge they need to properly manage their diabetes and prevent the development of related health conditions.