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Diagnostic Radiology

What is diagnostic radiology?

Diagnostic radiology is a medical field that diagnoses a patient using non-invasive imaging scans. The diagnostic radiologist knows which test will be the best choice for the patient based on the patient’s symptoms, and interprets the images obtained to diagnose an injury or illness.

Some of the imaging methods used within diagnostic radiology include:

Some of these imaging methods utilize radiation to obtain a visual image. Diagnostic radiology procedures are often performed at imaging centers.

Why is diagnostic radiology important for healthcare?

Diagnostic radiology allows for the identification of health conditions that occur underneath the skin, providing doctors with a way to noninvasively view what happens inside the body.

Some conditions that diagnostic radiology is used to diagnose include:
•    blood clots
•    broken bones
•    gastrointestinal conditions
•    tumors

Besides diagnosing health conditions, diagnostic radiology can also monitor treatment responses or screen for certain diseases, such as cancer.