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Health Information Technology (HIT)

What is Health Information Technology (HIT)?

Health Information Technology (HIT) are the electronic systems used by healthcare professionals to share, store, and analyze health information.

Some of the components of HIT include:

How does HIT improve healthcare?

HIT offers many benefits to patients that allow them to spend more time focusing on their health and less time focusing on the hassles of managing care.

For example, HIT allows for faster and more accurate prescriptions. With E-prescribing systems, a patient’s prescription can be sent to the pharmacy automatically, allowing the medication to be ready for the patient when they arrive.

HIT also allows for quick information sharing amongst all healthcare providers as soon as a note or test result is added. Patients can also access some information directly, such as test results, helping them obtain this information without having to wait for a doctor.

Finally, many EHRs include reminder systems for patients and their doctors, which results in better follow-ups and follow-throughs, leading to better care and outcomes.