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Health Services Manager

What is a health services manager?

The health services manager is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the business activities that healthcare providers undergo. They typically work in the offices of various healthcare facilities, such as nursing homes, hospitals, or group medical practices.

Some of the common job duties of a health services manager include:

  • Following and maintaining budget records
  • Overseeing staff recruitment and training
  • Creating work schedules for healthcare providers
  • Managing day-to-day facility records
  • Keeping close communication with medical directors and leaders
  • Coordinating delivery of services and care by the healthcare team

Why is the health services manager important for healthcare?

The health services manager plays a crucial role in helping healthcare facilities run as smoothly as possible. They merge the facility’s business and healthcare priorities, allowing doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

Some job titles that can fall under the broad label of health services manager include:

  • Health director
  • Medical director
  • Office manager
  • Practice manager
  • Nursing home administrator
  • Service coordinator

No matter the title, the health services manager is responsible for keeping the healthcare facility running and maintaining high-quality patient care.