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Infant Incubators

What is an infant incubator?

An infant incubator, sometimes called a neonatal incubator, is a device that offers a safe space for infants to live and grow as their organs develop. Many infant incubators are used in neonatal intensive care units (NICU). Infant incubators maintain specialized light, temperature, humidity and oxygen levels optimized for a baby’s development. 

Further, incubators can monitor many vital signs, including heart rate and temperature. Holes within the incubator’s structure enable various interventions and procedures, such as medication delivery and feeding via IV. 

Why are infant incubators important to healthcare?

Infant incubators are vital to healthcare as they support sick and premature newborns, helping them grow stronger and survive. They also provide critical information to healthcare providers to help them track the baby’s status and deliver the correct type of care.