Inpatient Care

What is inpatient care?

Inpatient care is the delivery of healthcare services within an inpatient facility, such as a hospital. In contrast to outpatient care, patients receiving inpatient care spend at least one night in a facility once admitted to a specialty department, like general surgery or cardiology. Inpatient care can be either planned or unplanned, and once healthcare providers treat patients, they discharge them with follow-up care instructions.  

Some common reasons for inpatient care include: 

  • Childbirth 
  • Mental health 
  • Illness 
  • Chronic conditions  
  • Surgery 
  • Traumatic injury  
  • Substance abuse 

Healthcare providers who offer inpatient care include nurses and physicians. These professionals work 24/7 to treat, administer medicine and monitor patients.  

Why is inpatient care important to healthcare?

Inpatient care is important because it provides a more intensive level of treatment and care for patients presenting with severe injury or illness. Since healthcare providers monitor inpatient patients around the clock, these patients receive direct support and a higher quality of treatment for an extended period.