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Insights Process

What is the insights process?

The insights process encompasses the steps taken within medical affairs to collect and analyze insights, with insights being novel, plausible, interesting, and understandable relations selected from a larger data set. Insights draw meaning from data points, but for insights to cause change, they require action. The insight process emphasizes this final, crucial step.

Overall, the insights process empowers healthcare professionals with data-driven knowledge to make better decisions, ultimately leading to improved patient care, a more efficient healthcare system, and better health outcomes for everyone.

Some of the core elements of the insights process include:

  • Identifying insight sources
  • Collecting insights
  • Analyzing insights
  • Documenting insights
  • Reporting insights to stakeholders
  • Linking insights to related actions

How does the insights process improve healthcare?

The insights process is the method by which insights are created and action plans related to the insights are developed. The insights process can also help identify areas where a specific product or service needs improvements, improving patient health outcomes. Overall, the insights process empowers organizations with data-driven knowledge to make better decisions.