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Major Unusual Incidents (MUIs)

What are Major Unusual Incidents (MUIs)

Major unusual incidents (MUIs) refer to suspected, alleged, or actual occurrences of an incident that is believed to adversely affect the health or welfare of an individual or puts a person at likely risk of harm.

Reporting MUIs leads to an investigation, which helps determine why the incident happened and how to prevent it from happening again.

Reporting MUIs is the responsibility of providers who are certified, contracted, or licensed to serve individuals with disabilities. Additionally, the county board staff and anyone paid to provide Medicaid waiver services must also report MUIs.

It is essential to report MUIs within 24 hours, although some incidents must be reported shortly after discovery. Incidents that must be reported shortly following discovery include, but are not limited to, neglect, exploitation, accidental or suspicious death, and physical abuse.

Why is it important to report MUIs?

The ultimate goal of reporting MUIs is to keep people safe. By reporting MUIs, providers can reduce or prevent harm to people and prevent harmful incidents from occurring again in the future, increasing the health and safety of patients.