What is teleoncology?

Teleoncology is the use of telemedicine technology in the delivery of cancer care services. Within the field of oncology, telemedicine may help with each stage of healthcare, such as diagnosis, treatment, and supportive care.

Some of the applications of teleoncology include:

  • Symptom management
  • Increased symptom relief
  • Increasing access to cancer related clinical trials

In many instances, teleoncology is a supplement to face-to-face services. For example, the remote oncologist may advise and monitor the administration of chemotherapy, while an in-person clinic must provide this treatment.

How does teleoncology improve healthcare?

Teleoncology allows patients in any geographical location to receive exceptional care from top oncologists and specialists without visiting these individuals in person and spending time traveling. This is especially helpful for those in rural areas and those in low-and middle-income countries. Through teleoncology, individuals in these regions not only have greater access to cancer care, but they also have access to a higher quality of care, leading to better health outcomes.