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Total Prescriptions (TRx)

What are total prescriptions (TRx)?

Total prescriptions (TRx) is the number of times an individual can have their drug prescription (Rx) filled. It is calculated as TRx = NRx + refills, with NRx being a new prescription and refills being the number of times a patient can have their prescription refilled.

In context, a doctor may be able to write a one-month supply for a medication—with one box of the medication equaling one month of supply—and two months of refills. That one prescription then has three months of supply—1 NRx and 2 refills—thus TRx = 3.

A patient can have different TRx for the same medication. For example, the first time a patient tries a drug, they may only be able to receive the initial NRx supply, resulting in a TRx of one. Then, if the treatment proves successful, they can return to the doctor for a new prescription, which includes two months of refills, making the TRx three for the second prescription, but four for the drug as a whole.

Why is TRx important to know?

TRx is one of the metrics of a brand’s performance, along with total new prescriptions (NRx) and new-to-brand prescriptions (NBRx). TRx, in particular, accounts for medication refills, which demonstrate the long-term use of a medication and patient satisfaction that leads them to continue using it.