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Oct 25, 2017 10:23:07 AM

Definitive Healthcare continues to expand its provider database to cover virtually all healthcare facilities

Framingham, MA – October 25, 2017 – Definitive Healthcare, the leading provider of data, intelligence, and analytics on the healthcare provider market, recently added more than 2,400 retail health clinics and 38,000 assisted living facilities to its industry-leading database of healthcare providers.

Retail clinics, often located in major pharmacy chains, are being increasingly utilized by patients seeking convenient care outside the traditional hospital setting. Definitive clients can now analyze retail clinic population demographics and research affiliations with hospitals, physician groups, and other providers. Retail clinics will join the urgent care, rural health, and renal dialysis clinics, as well as federally qualified health centers, in Definitive’s Clinics database.

The role of assisted living facilities is expanding in the long-term care industry, as a growing population of older Americans seeks alternative care options. Coverage of these facilities has been added to Definitive’s Long-Term Care database, which already includes skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, and hospices – allowing clients to form a complete view of the long-term care industry.

“Our product team is constantly looking for new provider data to add to our databases and better ways for our clients to filter and analyze it,” said Jason Krantz, CEO of Definitive Healthcare. “These latest updates demonstrate our commitment to providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date data on the healthcare provider market.  Definitive makes major enhancements to both its data coverage and user interface throughout the year in order to meet this goal.”

Some other recent data improvements include an enhanced view of physician drug prescriptions by drug class, new clinical and demographic information in hospice profiles, identification of hospitalist physicians, and physician group participation in new value-based care models.

In addition to data development, Definitive has made a number of recent enhancements to its user interface to improve the user experience and allow clients to more efficiently analyze the wealth of provider information in Definitive’s databases.


About Definitive Healthcare

Definitive Healthcare is the leading provider of data and intelligence on hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers. Its product suite provides the most comprehensive and highest quality data available anywhere on 8,800 hospitals and IDNs, 224,000 physician groups, 1.6 million physicians, 10,000 ambulatory surgery centers, 14,000 imaging centers, 86,000 long-term care facilities, 39,000 clinics, 1,400 ACOs and HIEs, and 900 Canadian hospitals. The company’s data provides clients with the analytics and insight needed to effectively segment and research the healthcare provider market.  Definitive Healthcare is backed by Spectrum Equity.  For more information or to trial the service, visit www.definitivehc.com.

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