Assessing healthcare data vendors to fill your data needs

About the webinar

If you want to understand your market, you need the right data—but it’s not always clear exactly what data you’re looking for and which vendors can provide it. You can better understand your data needs by conducting a data gap analysis and soliciting and incorporating feedback from the end users of the data. Learn how to figure out what data you need and identify and evaluate data vendors to fill your data gaps.

In this session we will:

  • Explain how to perform a data gap analysis 

  • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of quantitative and qualitative data evaluations 

  • Examine usage of claims, reference, and expert data 

  • Cover best practices for working with vendors  

  • Learn how to leverage end users in your evaluations

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Our speakers

Aaron Cohen Senior Solutions Consultant

Aaron Cohen

Senior Solutions Consultant

Aaron Cohen is a senior solutions consultant at Definitive Healthcare with over a decade in the healthcare industry. Aaron works with Definitive Healthcare’s life science clients to help them leverage our real-world data assets across a broad range of commercial and pre-commercial needs. Prior to his work at DH, Aaron was the general manager of reimbursement support service at Argenta Advisors, a medical device-focused reimbursement consulting company.

Brittany Morin-Mezzadri Solutions Engineer

Brittany Morin-Mezzadri

Solutions Engineer

Brittany Morin-Mezzadri is a solutions engineer here at Definitive Healthcare and a staffing and recruiting veteran. Having come to us from Robert Half, Brittany has partnered with staffing agencies in all markets to help drive solutions for clients.

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