Navigate the future of healthcare with market forecast tools

About the webinar

Is your annual planning process a guessing game? 

The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, with changes in demographics, care settings, and patient preferences impacting your organization’s success. With the right tools, you can identify the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and plan to succeed. 

This webinar examines how market forecast tools can empower your healthcare organization to make data-driven decisions to drive your strategic growth initiatives. If you’re in strategy, business development, marketing, or analytics, don’t miss the opportunity to gain a competitive edge and ensure your organization thrives in the ever-changing healthcare market.

In this session we will:

  • Explore market forecast tools that leverage cutting-edge analytics to predict market trends and patient demand 
  • Discover how predictive analytics can support your annual planning and budgeting 
  • Gain insights into competitive threats and opportunities within your primary service area 
  • Learn how to translate market forecasts into actionable growth initiatives like facility planning and partnership development

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Our speaker

Leah Shea Vp, Product

Leah Shea

Vp, Product

With over 20 years of experience in healthcare, strategy, and analytics, Leah is a passionate and high-energy leader who can identify and drive toward what’s possible. She has a proven ability to lead teams and organizations through disruptive change and deliver results that align with both strategy and mission. 

As the VP, Product at Definitive Healthcare, she enables our customers to achieve growth through commercial analytics that address the needs and challenges of healthcare organizations. She leverages her skills in strategic planning, healthcare domain, and analytical thinking to oversee the product development, operations, and design of innovative and user-friendly solutions.

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