How to address emerging patient challenges in the rare disease space

About the webinar

There are more than 7,000 known rare diseases, with more being identified each day. Roughly 30 million people - or 1 in 10 Americans - live with one. When it comes to addressing rare disease patients, life science and healthcare organizations face complex challenges.

Definitive Healthcare surveyed 145 providers at the end of 2023 to better understand these challenges. The results provided direct insight into HCPs' experiences treating rare disease and revealed the urgent need for education and collaboration to improve the rare disease journey for patients.

This webinar digs into the results of our survey and offers guidance for life science organizations and other businesses in the healthcare space interested in supporting rare disease providers and their patients.

In this session we will:

  • Discover the greatest challenges patients and providers experience around the treatment of rare diseases
  • Explore how collaboration between life science companies and healthcare providers can make a difference in patients’ journeys
  • Learn how life science organizations can help educate and connect providers around rare conditions, symptoms, and therapeutic options

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Our speakers

Kathryn Clark Senior Data Scientist

Kathryn Clark

Senior Data Scientist

Kathryn has been with Definitive Healthcare for 5 years. In her role as a Senior Data Scientist, she leads analytics projects utilizing the Atlas claims database to build customized solutions for biopharma clients, including predictive modeling, segmentation and targeting for commercial strategy, patient journey analyses, and statistical comparisons.

Maggy Tieche Market Research Manager

Maggy Tieche

Market Research Manager

Maggy Tieche is a Market Research Manager and has been with Definitive Healthcare for 5 years. Here 17+ years working with healthcare data spans numerous product, quality, account management, and custom research roles. At Definitive Healthcare, Maggy runs industry surveys and analyzes data from our products to write some of our healthcare insights.

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