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Increase sales efficiency & velocity

Enable your teams with essential intelligence around hospitals, doctors and patients to find the best opportunities and reach the right people. Make every conversation relevant with a deep understanding of your buyer. Know their provider and patient environment and the pain points they face.

Accurately assess your competitive landscape to see how you compare when planning your sales strategy, and build more accurate territories for your reps. You can also leverage key intelligence to improve your understanding of facility and clinician relationships, including referrals and employment history. Once you’ve got the information you need, integrate complete contact profiles into Salesforce or another CRM.


Create opportunities that convert to business growth

Target your marketing efforts and customize your approach with critical information about both the provider and patient pain points, behaviors, and outcomes. Understand patterns and relationships that drive buying decisions and know just who to reach and what messages they care about most.

With these crucial insights, you can gauge your market opportunities and displace your competitors. Segment your target audience using the filters that matter most to you, including region, financial performance, and clinical data. Understand your buyers’ journey with detailed insights into technology implementations, current supplier relationships, and RFPs. Finally, integrate your key contacts into your CRM to seamlessly manage prospect messaging.

Data Analysts

Accelerate data transformation in your organization with key insights

Promote a deeper understanding of important data and analytics that drive better business decisions across your organization. Determine the market viability of your drug, therapy, or device with the ability to assess sizing, trend, and growth insights. Let us help you drive quality, relevance and action.

Access complete data on all U.S. healthcare facilities and providers, from hospitals and IDNs to long-term care centers and clinics. Understand longitudinal changes in financial and quality datafor various healthcare organizations. Additionally, you can use real-world evidence to assess disease, prescription, and referral patterns, and analyze shifts in population health by region, facility, or patient demographic.
data analysts


Source just the physicians & executives your providers need

Dramatically reduce time-to-fill and increase quality-of-hire for your clients with comprehensive information and insights on individuals across the physician, nursing, and hospital executive landscape. Know who's hiring and stay ahead of the staffing requirements in a tight talent market.

Identify understaffed hospitals with our interactive staffing and recruiting analytics dashboard, so you can focus on precision hiring to fill specific gaps for your clients. Leverage diagnosis and procedure analytics to find clinicians and specialists that fit your needs. Make excellent staffing decisions with intelligence on workload index, bed utilization, and other vital data.

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Hospitals & IDNs
Daily updated intelligence, insights and profiles on more than 8,800 hospitals and IDNs
Medical Claims Database
Medical Claims
Access all-payor claims information associated with 247 million patients in the U.S.
Build cohorts of patients based on diagnosis, procedures, and prescriptions data
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Get an essential view of healthcare providers and hospitals to inform your strategy
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Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
Review facility affiliations with pharmacy distributors and target providers by financial and clinical metrics and procedure volumes
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Medical Devices
Identify which hospitals and IDNs have a need for your product using claims data, affiliations, budget data, and other criteria
Technology Vendors
Technology Vendors
Review hospitals’ current technology, IT operating and capital expenditures, and meaningful usage
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