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Definitive Healthcare greatly expands all-payor medical and prescription claims coverage

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60% increase in Atlas Prescription Claims and a significant increase in Atlas All-Payor Claims provides clients with a more in-depth and holistic look at patient care across the healthcare continuum

FRAMINGHAM, MA – February 2, 2023 – Definitive Healthcare (Nasdaq: DH), an industry leader in healthcare commercial intelligence, today announced expanded coverage of its prescription and all-payor medical claims data in the Atlas Dataset. The company’s Atlas Prescription Claims coverage increased by more than 60%, and its Atlas All-Payor Claims coverage also increased significantly, including nearly 20% increases in key areas such as rare disease, oncology, and chronic conditions.

With expanded claims data, any organization partnering with healthcare providers to improve patient care and outcomes can view an in-depth and holistic look at the patient journey across the healthcare continuum to better understand market trends, inform product development, and optimize go-to-market strategy.

“The Atlas Dataset is the foundation of our healthcare commercial intelligence, and the expanded coverage of both prescription and all-payor claims will help our clients accelerate their path to commercial success,” said Robert Musslewhite, CEO of Definitive Healthcare. “We’re excited to increase both the quantity and quality of our Atlas claims datasets to paint a more comprehensive picture of a patient’s journey as part of our ongoing strategy to invest in powerful, real-world data. With the Atlas Dataset, our life sciences customers can more easily and quickly get their drugs and devices to the patients that need them.”

Along with the increased claims volume, Definitive Healthcare refined its methodologies to master payor and patient data to drive increased precision and implemented additional layers of cleansing techniques to enable more detailed and granular reporting, longitudinal and referral analysis, and increased accuracy for patient cohort creation. As a result of the improved underlying methodology and adding new sources, Definitive Healthcare nearly doubled the size of its patient overlap across datasets.

When coupled with the broader Atlas Dataset, including best-in-class affiliations and reference data, the new claims assets provide Definitive Healthcare customers with industry-leading intelligence on provider behavior, providers’ affiliation and referral patterns, patient care, and the activities taking place within a facility.

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