Definitive Healthcare Develops COVID-19 Capacity Predictor

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Developed at Datavant’s Pandemic Response Hackathon, New Interactive Map Assists With COVID-19 Scarce Resources Planning: ICU Beds & Ventilators

FRAMINGHAM, MA – March 31, 2020 – Definitive Healthcare, the leading provider of data, intelligence, and analytics on the healthcare provider market, today announced that it has developed – during this weekend’s Datavant virtual Pandemic Response Hackathon – a COVID-19 Capacity Predictor map, to predict where US hospitals may become overwhelmed with regard to mechanical ventilators and ICU beds.

Even by the most optimistic estimates, the demand for intensive care beds and ventilators is expected to exceed supply as the number of COVID-19 cases increases. Public officials at all levels of the government – as well as healthcare organizations providing these beds and ventilators – will need to determine quickly when and where additional treatment supplies should be channeled. To help solve for this, Definitive Healthcare designed this interactive, visual Tableau map of the United States to make it easier to identify where supplies will likely run out, to help officials and organizations allocate resources where they are most needed in time to improve outcomes for patients.

By combining proprietary Definitive Healthcare ICU hospital bed and ventilator availability/utilization data with population density, demographic information, and New York Times COVID-19 cases per day, Definitive Healthcare’s data science team was able to graph supply capacity against predicted cases and hospitalizations by county and state. This information and analysis is being provided to the public to help our country address the growing pandemic.

“At Definitive Healthcare, we work with practitioner, patient, and facility data across the entire continuum of care all day, every day. We understand a pandemic the magnitude of COVID-19 is an incredible stressor on our current healthcare system, and we hope this tool helps officials and organizations identify the areas of greatest need,” said Zach Sanders, Hackathon Team Lead and Manager of Product Engineering at Definitive Healthcare. “Our 13-person Hackathon team consisted of consisted of members from across Definitive Healthcare’s organization, all of whom brought this project together in a single, 48-hour weekend. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of visualizations that cover COVID-19 spread, which are incredibly important – but we hope our tool can help solve the question of capacity: where and when important resources should be allocated as case volume continues to grow.”

Users of Definitive Healthcare’s COVID-19 Capacity Predictor can filter to a state and/or county of interest. Based on the filters a user applies, information is provided about that area’s total available treatment resources (beds, ventilators), as well as projected days until current resources in the health care system are maxed out.

Because this data can be viewed at a national, state, and county level, we believe our dashboard can be leveraged by officials at all levels of government and the public to plan resource distribution and understand potential ramifications. It has been a truly fulfilling endeavor enabling those decisions to be as data driven as possible,” continued Sanders. “We’re grateful for Definitive Healthcare’s willingness to allow us to use its data on health system capacity and proud to add that data to the growing national discourse.”

View Definitive Healthcare’s COVID-19 Capacity Predictor here. This map is dynamic – updated on the Definitive Healthcare website in real time through live data feeds and modified as relevant data sources become available. For a video walk-through, please watch Definitive Healthcare’s hackathon submission video.

As a business, we are determined to do whatever it takes to be part of the COVID-19 solution. Over the past three weeks, we have been donating our data to branches of the government, universities, and organizations to drive solutions as fast as possible to the market. The Definitive Healthcare team worked tirelessly and passionately over the weekend to develop this impressive tool. We remain dedicated to making our data accessible during this critical time,” said Jason Krantz, CEO at Definitive Healthcare. “I continue to be incredibly proud of Definitive employees, who generously donate their nights and weekends to developing such important and publicly-accessible tools. This type of engagement is already a hallmark of our company culture, but particularly commendable during this time of crisis.

To learn about other spotlight data projects developed at this weekend’s Datavant Pandemic Response Hackathon, please tune in on Wednesday, April 1st at 7:00pm EST.

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