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What is the COVID-19 Case Capacity in Your Area?

In early April, Definitive Healthcare published this interactive tool to help predict where and when important resources (ICU beds and ventilators) should be allocated as COVID case volume continued to grow. Our data science team combined proprietary Definitive Healthcare ICU and ventilator data with public information about population distribution, COVID-19 cases, and COVID-19 testing – and fit an exponential function to the data to model the growth.

Users of Definitive Healthcare’s COVID-19 Capacity Predictor dashboard can filter to a state and/or county of interest. Based on those filters, information is provided about that area’s total available treatment resources (beds, ventilators), as well as projected days until current resources in the healthcare system are maxed out. More information on using this tool can be found in our on-demand webinar A Definitive Response To The COVID-19 Pandemic: The Capacity Predictor Explained.

COVID-19 Capacity Predictor

Esri COVID-19 Data Partnership

We’re pleased to do our part to share relevant, and actionable data that enable decisions for families, communities, and countries. In collaboration with ESRI, the world’s largest location intelligence company, we’re delivering data that supports analysis, visualization, and tracking of US hospital bed capacity and potential areas of geographic risk during the COVID-19 outbreak.

About Definitive Healthcare’s COVID-19 Capacity Predictor Tool

This map combines proprietary Definitive Healthcare ICU hospital bed and ventilator availability/utilization data, Census Bureau population density, demographic information, and county estimates, and New York Times COVID-19 data: cases per day by county and by state. Then, Definitive Healthcare’s Data Science team combined these datasets and fit an exponential function to the data at the county level to model the growth.

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