Most common healthcare data searches

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In the dynamic healthcare world, keeping up with the latest trends and developments is essential for success. One way to stay ahead of the game is to peek into the data playbook of your peers and competitors. By understanding how they're using healthcare data, you can uncover opportunities to enhance your own data-driven decision-making.

Whether you're a pharmaceutical company, healthcare technology vendor, medical device company, staffing firm, healthcare consultant, or something else, healthcare commercial intelligence can help you:

  • Identify the right targets for your product or service
  • Understand how healthcare organizations make decisions
  • Track the latest trends and developments in the healthcare industry
  • Develop personalized engagement strategies
  • Improve your sales outreach
  • Make better decisions about where to allocate your resources
  • And more

Curious to know what healthcare data your competitors are leveraging? Let's look at the top six most common data searches by our clients.

1. Hospital executives

In a rapidly consolidating market, accessing updated contact information is a critical step toward engaging with the right hospital executives. This search allows users to identify and filter hospital leaders by title, geographic criteria, and associated hospital data including hospital type, revenues, EMR vendor, and more.

Users find this search helpful in finding the most relevant contacts at facilities for outreach via email, LinkedIn profile, phone, and direct phone number when available. Exporting contacts is easy with the Report Builder function. Many users will further segment their executive contacts through Report Builder since they can export additional relevant information such as the executive’s hospital affiliations and number of staffed beds.

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2. Hospitals by financial metrics

This search allows users to identify provider facilities by financial metrics such as net patient revenue, bad debt, total contract labor, payor mix, and more. Users find this helpful to segment their market and pinpoint targets who fit the criteria to benefit from their services. Financial consultants might use this search to identify hospitals or health systems in financial decline that may need assistance with network leakage. Pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturers, on the other hand, might use this search to pinpoint facilities with the financial overhead to afford new therapies or treatments.

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3. Technology search by vendor

This search allows users to identify vendor market share by a variety of criteria. Users can identify hospitals or IDNs with a specific technology vendor implemented and segment by hospital type, region, affiliation, and revenue. Many find this helpful when looking to assess market share and conduct a benchmark of competitor strongholds or when searching for vendors with whom their technology is compatible.

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4. Hospitals by procedure or diagnosis volume

The search allows users to identify facilities by procedure or diagnosis code volume. Users can search by inpatient or outpatient, claim year, geography, revenue, IDN, and more. This search is particularly helpful when assessing the market for areas of opportunity. For example, a company whose solution serves breast cancer patients will search for the relevant diagnosis and/or procedure codes to indicate volume and prioritize those hospitals for outreach.

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5. Hospitals by quality metrics

Many companies will leverage clinical data to their advantage when looking to identify the hospitals that would most benefit from their services. This search allows users to identify facilities by quality metrics including HCAHPS, readmission rates, CMS scores, HAC scores, and more. Users find this helpful because it allows them to pinpoint hospitals that are struggling in areas that their specific technology can help improve.

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6. Hospitals by affiliation

Straightforward and effective, this search allows users to quickly identify affiliated facilities including hospitals, physician groups, clinics, and more by parent IDN. Users find this search helpful to strategically identify connections in the market.

If a member hospital is already using a user’s solution, it could be helpful and easier for affiliated facilities to employ the same solution across the board. Users can also filter results for IDNs by their integration level. This allows you to see how strategically integrated a network is and identify if it is better to start outreach from the network level or if member hospitals have independent decision-making capability.

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