6 Most Common Data Searches By Technology Companies

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Technology and IT companies use Definitive Healthcare in a variety of ways to increase their market share. As healthcare technology trends constantly evolve, staying up-to-date on changes in technology implementation at hospitals, health systems, or other care facilities is vital.

To give you insight into common tasks executed by your peers and competitors at technology firms, we’ve compiled the top six most common data searches by technology companies.

1. Technology in use by location

As  technology installations change, this search yields current vendor market share by region. Users find this helpful when assessing market share and conducting a benchmark of competitor strongholds. This competitive analysis allows users to conduct a data-driven assessment of opportunities to expand their footprints in healthcare. 

2. Technology budgets

This search allows users to identify provider facilities by Operating IT Budgets. Users find this helpful to pinpoint targets who have the budget available to pursue IT upgrades and/or related expenses. A popular additional filter on this search is the addition of financial year end dates to stay on top of current and upcoming financial cycles.

3. Hospital Executives

In a rapidly consolidating market, accessing updated contact information is a critical step towards engaging with the right hospital executives. This search allows users to run a report on facility executives with titles related to technology and IT, such as Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer, among others.

This search yields the most appropriate contacts at facilities for outreach via email and  phone. Users often combine this data with hospital data such as facility type, number of staffed beds, revenues, and affiliations data in order to better refine their markets.

4. Tech Vendors by Quality Measures

This search allows users to identify hospitals struggling in quality areas that could be addressed through a vendor’s solution.  By filtering facilities by quality performance, including HCAHPS, HAC scores, and more, users can strengthen their approaches to provider prospects.

A popular example of this search in action is filtering for hospitals that received poor HCAHPS scores related to patient communication; let’s say they search for a hospital that scored in the bottom 10th percentile for “their doctor ‘always’ communicated well.” From there, they identify hospitals that are struggling the most as well as the relevant IT contacts to reach out to in order to solve this pain point.

5. Data Breaches

Adding the “Data Breach” criteria to a search yields facilities that have experienced a data breach. These facilities may be in need of technology solutions to safeguard their IT operations. Alternatively, they may be searching for a more secure alternative to the vendors previously in use during the data breach.

6. Diagnoses by Tech

This combination of searches allows users to identify the top locations submitting claims for diagnostic technology. A great example of a client profile that would employ this search is a technology company that produces diagnostic technology.

In this case, users could conduct a search to identify physicians who submitted claims for specific diagnoses, identify diseases by location relevant to the solution they are offering, and then search for the claims by diagnosis code. This gives the user layers of information to pinpoint outreach to the most appropriate physicians and locations who could most benefit from their solution. 

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